London Top Decks Statistical Breakdown

Hard to believe, but already almost two weeks have passed since the European International Championship.  I found a great compilation of many of the top decks from that tournament at  I aggregated the decklists of 22 of the top 28 decks and came up with a variety of interesting stats:

  • Ultra Ball was the only card that every decklist played four of.
  • N came in second at an average of 3.91 cards per deck.  Only Zakary Krekeler (Silvally Metal, 2nd) and Simon Humphrey (Silvally Buzzwole) ran three (I’ll probably post my analysis on N this weekend).
  • Professor Sycamore only averaged 3.27 cards per deck.  Most of the Zoropod decks only ran two.
  • Every deck that ran DCE ran four of them.  Only Greninja and the two Buzzwole Lycanroc decks didn’t run DCE… and they both ran Splash and Strong energy (respectively), meaning every deck in this sampling ran four special energy.
  • Which leads into Enhanced Hammer: Only the Zoropod, Greninja, and Volcanion decks ran E Hammers (they all carried two).  You can bet that’s going to change at the next major tournament.
  • And for decks that all ran max SPE, almost none of them put Special Charge in their lists.  Only one of the Zoropod ran a single copy of Special Charge.
  • These decks ran an average of 2.45 Tapu Lele GX’s.  Nobody ran four, every deck ran at least one (Greninja and the two Buzzwole Lycanroc decks only carried one Lele).
  • These decks averaged 3.41 Guzma per deck, proving that Guzma has superceded Lysandre in functionality.  Did any deck ever run four Lysandre?  Thirteen of them did here.  Greninja was the lone non Guzma deck.
  • Field Blower averaged 2.64 cards per deck.  Almost all of the Zoropod decks ran four (the one that didn’t ran three), but considering how ability dependent they built their decks, they had no choice but to run four, even with Puzzles.  Take out the Zoropods, and the average was 2.185.  Maybe it’s just me, but it’s going to be kind of hard to consistently use your abilities against a Garbodor deck that runs four Float Stones.
  • I mentioned in my Grampa post the other day that players are still running plenty of items.  The top eight in London averaged only about ten percent less items than the top eight at worlds and NAIC.

I’m going to attach my excel as a link and not embed it so you can play around with it yourselves if you’d like.  It also has tabs for the individual decks if you want to look at those:

Meta Deck Analysis