Gardevark (or Zorovoir)

Gardevark or Zorovoir, either way, it has surprised me that we haven’t seen this duo put together.  I decided drop them into a decklist and see what would happen:

I wound up going 17 W 8 L with this list, 11 W 7 L against meta decks.  When I test a deck, I sometimes track the cards I play on a separate spreadsheet:


To explain this sheet, column A consists of most of the cards of the deck as well as how many I run in the deck.  I then track each game in the next columns: column B was the first game, column C the second, and so on.  I track how many of each card I played.  A quick note: because of Twilight GX, there were a couple of times when I was able to play more cards than I had listed as the count of that particular card.  There are also only 24 columns with stats – I simply forgot to record one game.

In column Z, this column has formulas that average the number of times per game a card was played.  Column AA has a formula that brings over the amount of a particular card I ran in the deck, and column AB shows the relative percentage of how often a card was played.  For example, I played Tapu Lele GX an average of once per game – I played it 24 times in 24 matches.  As there were two Leles in my deck, that’s a 50% ratio.

The logical outgrowth of this is to look at the cards played most and least often.  In this case, Brigette was the most frequently played at 58% of the time.  I probably should add a second Brigette because of this, but I just can’t bring myself to do that.  Tapu Lele was my second most frequently played card, so I decided to add a third.  I also decided to drop two of the Max Potions as they were my least played card at 16%.  I also decided to drop one of the Skylas, and I added two Choice Bands.

At some point in the near future, I’ll revisit the deck with my changes and see how it does.  I would definitely recommend it, I think it belongs up there with the other top tier decks.  There have been times this year when the meta has missed some things, and I believe that this might be one of those combos that’s been overlooked.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this duo doesn’t make some noise in Memphis.