Golisodor update

Hey all – played ten matches tonight and went 8 W 2 L.  I did only go 3 W 2 L against meta decks.  I beat Volcanion, Zoroark, and Buzzwole and lost to Zoroark and Volcanion.  The Zoroark loss was against a Zoroark Xerneas Break combo that was REALLY good – I’m including it as a meta deck because it was a very good build.  A really creative idea and well played by my opponent as well.  The Volcanion loss was partially on me – I had a couple of misplays and didn’t have any luck (two SSU fails).

I really like this deck.  As I’m considering what is going to be played at Collinsville, there’s no doubt in my mind that this should be considered one of the top decklists.  Maybe not my build exactly, but definitely the Golisopod Garbodor GRI Garbodor BKP archetype is as good as anything else out there.