Ho-Oh EX/Vikavolt- Updated Deck List

One of my favorite decks is Ho-Oh EX/Vikavolt, which I debuted on my YouTube Channel back in March 2017. Since then I’ve revised the deck a handful of times, and it has just gotten better with time.

For those who didn’t watch the video and/or aren’t familiar with this deck, the focal point is Ho-Oh EX’s attack (Elemental Feather), powered by Vikavolt’s Ability (strong charge) to attach energy. Vikavolt can attach one (g) and (y) energy each turn, and Ho-Oh needs a (g) and a (y) and a (b) for it’s attack. So basically you need to evolve Grubbin to a stage 2, and find a water energy to do 130 damage + 30 to an unsuspecting bench pokemon. Right before this article I just played a game where this ideal scenario was achieved by turn 2.

I don’t want to go over the whole deck, because I think I did a good job in the original video. Rather I’d like to concentrate on some of the changes since the initial version. Most obvious is the addition of 2 Tapu Lele GX. Not only does Lele give you extra draw ability, but can team with Vika to become an attacker in an emergency or if convenient (I’m looking at you Gardevoir GX players who like to pile all their energy on their main attacker). This also frees up a few spots in the deck for draw support, which I’ve given to energy. This version sports 16 energy, in lieu of the original’s 14, which helps with getting energy in your hand early in the game, and with Vikavolt not running out in the latter stages.

Most of the trainers are swapped out, as they rotated out (Trainers’ Mail, Paint Roller, Lysandre, VS Seeker, etc.). Wishful Baton replaces Fighting Fury Belt as a style choice. I found in battles where I was losing, retaining 3 energy off Ho-Oh’s was more important than 40 HP, especially given that every pokemon benefited from more energy. Two Pokemon Fan Clubs, four Ultra Balls, and two Heavy Balls help get our fighters out, as this deck is heavily predicated on getting them.

At the time of this article, Ho-Oh EX is listed as 0.33 “packs”, which means it’s dirt cheap. you can probably pick up 4 for 2 packs, easily. Here’s a trade I saw on public while writing this:

Honestly this is still one of my better decks. It melts against water types, but otherwise puts up a good fight against any deck. Ho-Oh EX works against smaller decks as well as EX/GX. Right now I’m 13-4 with it on PTCGO, and it’s fun to play as well! Certainly worth a try if you have 2 or 3 packs and need something new to play.