Michael Pramawat Wins Memphis Regionals

Michael Pramawat beats Azul Garcia in the Memphis Regionals finals.

Pramawat was playing Zoroark GX Lycanroc GX.  TONS of Lycanronc GX all weekend (I think GRI Lycanroc with the ability to allow you to switch out your opponent’s Pokemon.

Azul was playing Golisopod GX Garbodor BKP.  Not sure if he had an GRI Garb.

Azul beat Andrew Mahone and Pramawat beat Pablo Meza in the semi’s.  Mahone and Tablemon were both playing Buzzwole GX Lycanroc GX.

Pablo beat Ben Potter (Lycanroc GX Zoroark GX), Pramawat beat Rahul Reddy (Lycanroc GX Zoroark GX), Azul beat Ahmed Ali (Lycanroc GX Zoroark GX), and Mahone beat Benjamin Martinsen (Zoroark GX Golisopod GX) in the quarter finals.

Lots of Lycanroc in top 8, more than Zoroark.  Read that a Gardy bubbled at number nine but haven’t been able to find anything outside of the top 8 in the twitch streams to confirm that.