November Data Analysis

I’ve been doing this for a little more than a year now – the first day of every month, I put all of the data that I compile from the hundreds of games that I play on PTCGO up so you, dear reader, can take a look at it and compare it to your experience with our favorite game.  This year, I’ve added an extra level of analysis to my reporting: I decided to track my performance against meta as well as non meta decks.  This way I can get a clear look at trends of the meta decks that I play as well as overall tendencies.  My analysis will also compare performance in November to the beginning of the new rotation from September 1st (YTD below).

Win Loss

Obviously, the lists of Pokemon that beat me aren’t all inclusive – I extracted various Pokemon. Here’s the link to the working pages:

Pokemon that beat me Nov 2017

Pokemon that beat me Sept Oct Nov 2017


So here’s how to read this:

  • Overall is the top half, meta only is bottom half
  • The percentages of decks running SPE are at the bottom (54% overall for non meta, 66% since Sept 1 for meta)
  • So in November, I won 51.32% of matches overall against decks that ran special energy.  In November, I won 40.82% of matches against meta decks that ran SPE.
  • Big picture takeaways: 1) meta decks ran a lot more SPE in November and 2) I do a lot better against decks that don’t run SPE


Big picture takeaways:

  • There’s quite a difference between when I face meta decks and when I don’t.
  • It’s a good thing I only see meta decks 41% of the time (overall, 38% in November).
  • I’ve seen significantly less meta decks since September.  In September, it was almost a 50-50 split (48%).  In October and November it was about 38%.  And most of November it was a lot less than that – before London, the number was about 28%.
  • Overall, my win percentage depends on the quality of my opponent.  Against meta decks, however, it doesn’t matter who has the advantage, I only win about 43% of the time.
  • Against meta decks, my opponent has the advantage almost half of the time.


Big picture takeaways:

  • 92% of the decks I face play at least one Pokemon with an ability
  • I didn’t face a single meta deck that didn’t play at least one Pokemon with an ability in November
  • I do well against decks that don’t play a Pokemon with an ability

In case you’re curious, the seven meta decks I played that didn’t bench a Pokemon with an ability:

I think most of these decks donked me early and just didn’t bother getting their Lele or other Pokemon with an ability out.

Big picture takeaways:

  • Still the most curious stat in this whole article: why do I win SO MUCH MORE against decks that run hammers???
  • Most decks don’t run hammers, virtually all meta decks… I’m sure that will change though given how much SPE is used in the current meta