PTCGO 12/12/2017 Update Issues

Hello dear readers – if you had issues like Mike and I did post update yesterday and were unable to get PTCGO to start, please read the following and hopefully this will help you get back into the game:

  1. Go to this url:
  2. Follow steps one and two.  If you don’t know where the control panel is, you can click on the windows icon at the far bottom left of your screen and scroll down to windows system.  If you click on that, control panel comes up  (my apologies if you have a mac, I have no idea what to do with macs).
  3. Then go to programs and uninstall a program.
  4. Scroll down to Pokemon Trading Card Game Online, left click on it one time, and towards the top of the screen (take a deep breath) and click uninstall.
  5. It will be ok – PTCGO will come back, don’t worry.
  6. Follow the prompts to uninstall.
  7. Then go back to the above url and follow the steps to ensure no temporary files remain on your computer.  I wasn’t able to find anything in the pathways they identified, but after searching for like five minutes, it dawned on me that I probably wasn’t going to find anything there and the uninstall process had already removed what had been there previously.
  8. I also went to the recycle bin and emptied that.  I think the easiest way to do that is to just double click on the icon, click ctrl A, and then hit the delete key.
  9. NOW the real fun starts.  Go to:
  10. Download the appropriate file.  This takes about two or three minutes (maybe less if you have a really fast computer).
  11. When it’s finished, it prompts you to open PTCGO.  DON’T DO THIS YET!
  12. Unlick the button that says open PTCGO (or something like that, I don’t remember exactly).
  13. Close all of your files, save anything you may currently be working on, and restart your computer.
  14. My computer had several updates after coming back on.  I think this took about half an hour.  When it finally got me back to my starting page, it also took several minutes to get back to my desktop.  The message “Personal Settings Not Loading” or something like that was frozen on the screen for about ten minutes.  Finally, however, I got back to my desktop.
  15. I then restarted my computer again.  I know virtually nothing about this kind of computer programming, but I know enough to know that when you have a major update like this, you always restart your computer again.  Sometimes I restart it three times after a major update.
  16. Now you can restart PTCGO.  The first time I tried this, it wouldn’t open for me.  It was just frozen on a black screen inside the applcation.  I ended up uninstalling it, restarting my computer, reinstalling it, restarting my computer again, and then it finally worked for me again.

Be very, very patient with your computer.  It might sit there for several minutes looking like it’s not doing anything.  Give it time to work through what it’s got to work through.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you’re still having problems, but you can also reach out to the good people at PTCGO at:


Good luck, hopefully you get this up and running faster than I did!