Sneak Preview December Damage Tracker

Back in September, I kept track of all of the attacks that my opponents made.  I kept track of how much damage the attack did, if it had a negative effect on my side of the board, if it did damage to the bench, and if it were enhanced.  I am doing the same thing again here in December, and I thought I’d offer a sneak preview of the data here on the day before the Memphis Regionals takes place.

Keep in mind that this is just a partial analysis – I’ve only tracked 324 attacks.  In September, I had more than a thousand.  This means that the big picture data is good, but the details may be misleading.  At any rate, here’s what I’ve found so far for all attacks:

  • The average amount of damage done by an attack is 97.86.  This is significantly higher than September when the average was 84.14.  You want to talk about power creep?  That’s a fifteen percent increase in just 3 months.
  • The median damage amount is 90.
  • 11 percent of attacks did damage to the bench.  This is up four percent from September.
  • 16 percent of attacks had a negative effect on the defender’s side of the board (poison, paralysis, sleep, confusion, energy discard, burn, discarding cards, or returning pokemon to hand or deck).  This is up three percent since September.
  • 21 percent of attacks were enhanced (Choice Band, Kukui, Steam Up, etc.).  This is up five percent since September.
  • Only 6 percent of attacks did zero damage to the active Pokemon.  This is far less than the 15% back in September.  This means the meta is moving MUCH faster.

The following ONLY includes attacks that did damage to the active Pokemon:

  • The average amount of damage now is 104.  This is about 5 higher than September.  The median is one hundred.
  • 12 percent of attacks did damage to the bench.  This is eight percent higher than September.
  • 17 percent of attacks had a negative effect on the defender’s side of the board.  This is seven percent higher than September.
  • 22% of attacks were enhanced.  This is six percent higher than September.
    Below is a chart showing the amount of damage done.  My apologies for not being able  to figure out the x axis legend, but it’s 12:40 Friday morning and I need to go to bed! You can see that it crosses 100 a little beyond 50%, 150 at 75%, 180 at 90% (meaning 90% of attacks do less than 180 damage).

I hope this is useful for you, definitely proves that the meta is moving faster (not as many zero attacks) and hitting harder (15% higher damage on average) than it was back in September.