The Other Golisopod

Got a request for a baby Golisopod decklist from Juan, and I couldn’t find any recent ones out there … but when I went to look for Golisopod, all of the GX lists came up as well.  So I decided to throw this one together.  I’m not sure it’s a great list, but it didn’t do awfully going 6 W 4 L.  I will say the best win was a demolition of Tapu Bulu GX, and it also beat a Ho-Oh GX / Volcanion deck, but I think my opponent had just a terrible start in that match, and I had a great start that I’m pretty sure caused him to concede early.  It went 2 W 2 L against meta decks, losing to a Zoroark GX deck and a Ho-Oh GX Salazzle GX deck.

Here’s the list I used:

There are definitely some alternatives that might make this deck better: Sunny Day Lurantis, Body building Dumbbells instead of Choice Band, and maybe even taking out the DCE and trying to use Max Elixirs and Wishful Baton, but I’m doubtful on that last option, however.

The big problem for the deck is the energy attachment.  If you don’t have the right kind of energy or miss an energy altogether, you fall behind and just can’t catch up.  Maybe it might pair better with Vikavolt, but then you’re putting a lot of Pokemon on your bench, and I strongly believe that every deck will need to carry only one support Pokemon at most after Ultra Prism comes out.  Once Cyrus hits the meta, you have to be prepared to have an attacker in your active, an attacker on the bench, and one support Pokemon at most.  And in many cases you’ll want that support Pokemon to be Zoroark GX because after Cyrus puts all of your other Pokemon in the deck, it’s going to be tough for you to find draw support.

For example, let’s say your opponent plays Cyrus and puts a total of six cards back into your deck.  Even if one or two of those is Tapu Lele, that means that the number of cards in your deck has increased, but the number of draw support cards has stayed the same (or only slightly increased).  If you’ve already played two or three draw support cards and your opponent throws six, seven, or even eight non draw support cards back into your deck, you can forget about ever top decking a draw supporter again.  You’ll have to get lucky to get a supporter card within the next couple of turns.   I don’t think people realize this when they look at Cyrus.  This is very similar to the Milotic deck I posted a few weeks ago.  The more non draw support cards go back into your deck, the less likely you are to get something you need off the top deck.

But I tangentize again, so let me just say that while I don’t know that this is the best decklist for baby Golisopod, I at least had some success with it, and it could very easily be worth additional experimentation in the future.


  1. Awwww dude….I just got on and all I can say is thank you for actually having a crack at the Golisopod. I won’t be able to try it out since I have work in half an hr, but the deck looks solid! I might attempt to squeeze in Stand In Zororark for some flexibility, but tonight I’ll have a go at it for certain. Best part of Golisopod: once Wimpod evolves, Golisopod won’t take damage on the bench from Jet Punch, since Armor reduces the damage from it.

    On the Max Elixir part, I actually had a go with that idea alongside Sunny day Lurantis, but my biggest concern there was that the decklist I based it off of was from Pre-rotation, which meant that cards such as Shaymin and Vs Seekers had to go. Then the tricky part of the deck was the energy attachments that you pointed out: miss a major attachment, and things can go horribly wrong. But having a secondary attacker rather than a benchsitter might be better off.

    But the card that I actually overlooked was none other than Cyrus. Granted, only water and metal pokemon can use it, but considering the fact that Empoleon, Glaceon Gx, and Magnezone/Dusk Mane will rise in power, it’s going to get so oppressive to face (especially Glaceon). Nonetheless, Mr. 21times, I thank you so much and I’ll share my experience with the build when I can.

    Have a great day!

    1. Sure I was interested in it as well. It’s just another example of how we forget about cards, how we get distracted by what’s shiny and new.

      I would guess that many decks will be able to use Cyrus – all you need to do is tech in a water or metal Pokemon. The one I thought of off the top of my head was Staryu (Breakpoint 25/122) because it has free retreat. I’m going to write more about Cyrus next week, every review I listen to on youtube downplays it … in yet another example of how wrong the meta is. I think Cyrus will be the most meta changing card in the set.

      Thanks again for visiting our site : )

      1. Okay so I finally got around to the deck.

        Game 1: It was against a Xerneas Break deck and while the lack of N in the deck can get weird at times for me, in this particular game, your philosophy of not giving the opponent any extra cards worked. He was unable to draw what he needed and once Silvally and the first Xerneas went down, there was no recovery.

        Game 2 had me matched against Golisopod/Zoroark (Gx vs Non-Gx). I took a victory there, but I felt that my opponent had this game. I don’t know if his Golisopod were prized, but one Heavy ball search later and he conceded, so something went amiss.

        Game 3: Rainbow Force. Me and my opponent had a bit of a bad start, but mines was worse. 1 Puzzle of Time foresaw defeat, and so my 6 game winning streak came to a close (4 from Raichu Gx, 2 from this build).

        Game 4-8: These matches hurt me a bit, because I won all but 1 by forfeit and the loss came from Sylveon (I refused to play out that game, and this is coming from a Houndoom Mill player last format). Turbo Lapras, two Ho-Oh/Volcanion decks, and a Ninetales deck…these players should’ve won, but bad draws play a role in the game, and as someone that’s been on the receiving end of such hands: I felt for my opponents.

        So what are my thoughts on the deck? It’s pretty solid in it’s own rite. The Puzzles of Time/Zoroark played a role, and Golisopod hits like a truck against basic Ex and GX. In all…there’s still the possibility that the deck could grow as time passes. And perhaps the Lurantis Variant might help it out more if one would rather have Golisopod as the focal point (I could see Lurantis Gx help in setting up without a doubt). Thanks again for your build! I had a fine night, especially after a solid work day.

        1. Awesome detail. Funny I came across a Rainbow Force Xerneas and a couple of quad Sylveon decks the past couple of days. Someone needs to clue them in to the onslaught of metal that’s headed our way… although maybe that’s why they’re playing them now because they’ll be completely lost come February.

          And bless your heart for the complement about N! I know you’ve got to get into my goofy way of thinking, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen my opponent just squirm across from me, completely paralyzed by their hand…. I do think that people will run less N with the arrival of Cynthia, so that will probably drop my win percentage by a couple of points right there : (

          And thank you for reminding me of this guy. I think I’ll tech in a copy going forward, that single prize attacker could help increase the deck’s win percentage a little bit!

          1. Nah you’re good! Ultra Prism is the kind of set that’s going to shake everything up, just as Guardian’s Rising has before, and whether Cynthia will see more play over N or not is left to be seen. Ultimately one will have to decide if N is disruptive enough to continue seeing play, cuz one card that works almost like Cynthia yet sees little to no play is none other than Hala (even though the only Gx that can achieve it’s requirement the fastest is Drampa GX himself).

            But rambling aside, I really do wish you well if Golisopod GX is the deck you’ll take irl. Playing without N didn’t take long to grow accustom to since it was like removing the dependence on Vs Seeker post rotation (eventually it just becomes second nature). Plus I had an epiphany mid sentence: I was fearing the matchups with Zoroark Gx teched in, since in theory their hand sizes could grow indefinitely. But then I realized something: “Wouldn’t they attempt to N you if you suddenly were down a couple prize cards”? Then their hand size would drop as well (unless they had a way to take more prizes with the cards in tow).

            As for the inclusion of Baby Golisopod: it is an option for your build, but with Enhanced Hammers possibly still around, as well as the fact that you have 1 prize attackers as well. I believe you could make do without the non-Gx version (though if you would like to play test it’s inclusion that be pretty wise). Basically, Golisopod is full of potential, but a conundrum in a sense, yet I love the pokemon: the art’s that amazing (Personally, Promo Golisopod Gx has the better artwork hands down).

            On a random note: I’m not sure if you’ve heard but there’s been some talk going around about the Solgaleo/Lunala Gx release dates moved to October of next year. I can’t say if it’s true or not but if that’s the case…this throws a huge wrench at multiple deck ideas that could’ve come about with these two cards (especially Solgaleo: I wanted to tech him and Dawn Wings into Lunala Gx when they were finally released, but now it appears that for the current Solgaleo Gx build: Fire will stop it to death, and Dark will steamroll through Lunala, even when the deck saw no success).

  2. I had NOT heard that the new Solgaleo GX might be delayed – I haven’t seen any mention of him on the UP reviews I’ve been watching on youtube, I just came across him a couple days ago. I’m going to do a short article next week on Cyrus, since it’s being significantly overlooked by the meta, and I was going to write about the new Solgaleo GX and Beast energy as well.
    A delay in Solgaleo GX could be very impactful to the meta. Gardy would be very playable with him (although I still don’t think top tier), and both of his attacks are double colorless so he’s eminently techable into literally every deck! Plus, he’s metal so you can run Cyrus with him. Truly a top tier A level card.
    Agree with Lunala, dark weakness is awful, unless you tech in Solgaleo GX.
    I think Leafeon Decidueye players (which I think there will be a lot of) will run a lot of Hala since they’ll be trying to get off that GX attack turn 1. I don’t think players will substitute Cynthia for N by and large. I think they will still play 4 N and a couple less Sycamore. Some will probably remove Sycamore altogether. That’s my hope at least!
    Great conversation thanks for reading the site!

    1. You’re welcome! I quite enjoy myself a good read every now and then and this site’s like Pojo, Reddit, and Pokebeach in doing just that ^_^ But yes! I don’t know where the source of the Solgaleo/Lunala delay came from, but I found it on TeamSkull Tcg’s Instagram, then in some Pokebeach comments on the Ultra Recon Squad and Steel Frying Pan reveal I found the delay discussed as well with the mention of a Lucario Gx delay alongside them.

      I’m going to assume that they’re scaling back on releases due to not making a lot of money back on the numerous products they released this past year (If you think about it, there was quite a lot of products that were…subpar to say the least). But late next year for Solgaleo and Lunala….it’s too much. And while Psychic Lele’s been delayed, I still have no clue if they’ll have the fairy Lele in our Ultra Prism set, or if Baby Tapu Bulu will be in there as well.

      On the flip side: Wake has been revealed and Water got another major Buff. Look forward to the consistency rising in May XD

  3. That’s our goal, to provide good articles, something to read while you’re eating your cereal in the morning, or riding the bus, or waiting at basketball practice or ballet rehearsal.
    I agree on the subpar products part – I was just looking at boxes today at my local grocery / department store, and there were very few that I would purchase. The majority of boxes there I wouldn’t buy, but most of the people buying those boxes are buying them for people who aren’t going to play competitively, so there’s a bit of a conflict of prioritization there.
    I have not seen anything on Wake yet – what will he do in the card game?

    1. It takes a lot of love to do what you two do, and for that I say thank you once more. Now onto Wake. Here’s what it does: Discard 2 water Energy from your hand in order to play this card. Search your deck for up to 2 cards and put them into your hand. Then, shuffle your deck.

      My dude, Greninja got buffed, Empoleon got buffed…and this can extend to more than just the water archetype alone. Double Aqua Patch means turn two OHKO’s out of Ninetales Gx, the stage 2 decks will grow in consistency since you could pull off efficient rare candy plays without resorting to luck based Sycamore draws or Skyla alone, and Lapras Gx can potentially attack on your first turn (assuming all the right pieces are in place)…the possibilities are endless in my opinion. Yes this won’t be out til May, but if Greninja wanted to go out with a bang next year, this was what he needed. Metal getting buffed in over a month, but Water will have a greater fighting chance next year.

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