An Ideal Partner for Silvally GX?

There are a few themes in a good Pokemon TCG deck, no matter what era. While draw power is the most coveted property of the game (why else would anyone put this monstrosity in your deck), I would say that energy acceleration is second on the list. Most good attacks rely on a decent amount of energy, and there is a limitation on playing energy from your hand. Factor in that a knocked out pokemon losses all that energy, and it’s clear whoever wins the energy battle wins the game.

Hence give any card the ability to circumvent the one energy per turn limit, and you’ve have a card that will become the framework for a deck. In the current meta there is Volcanion, Vikavolt, Metagross GX, Gardevoir GX, Darkrai GX, Dragonair, Rayquaza, Registeel, Yveltal, etc. Then there’s cards like Max Elixir, Dark Patch, Exp. Share, and Wishful Baton which help improve or maintain the energy on your pokemon.

So when it was released, I thought Silvally GX would be a hot card. It’s main attack does 120 damage while placing an energy from the discard pile onto one of you bench pokemon. Clearly the potential is there for this card to be an important cog in its own deck. Silvally GX evolves from a hearty basic (“Type: Null” 110 HP), and it’s GX attack can deliver 250 points of damage.

However up to this point, Silvally hasn’t been used to its maximum ability. The only decks I’ve seen feature it were either with Volcanion or a part of the metal toolbox. The latter I’m going to ignore, since this was just a product of Gardevoir GX gone wild. And the former is just a bad idea. First, Volcanion and Silvally skills overlap, so they don’t add much to each other.

Even if you do manage to get 3 energy on a benched Volc, it’s only doing 100 points of damage, which isn’t a great deal for that amount of energy. Normally that attack is enhances with Volcanion EX but if you’re going to go to that length, you might as well just make a proper Volcanion deck and chuck Silvally for Turtonator or Ho-Oh GX.

Given that I find these pairings for Silvally to be lacking, I took it upon myself to find an ideal partner. And I believe I did in Xerneas!

Xerneas can accelerate energy from the deck, while Silvally GX uses the discard pile. In an ideal setting, this makes Xerneas the first attacker setting up the field. When and if your Xerneas gets knocked out, you’ve got 2 energy in the discard for Silvally to re-distribute to your bench while doing 120 damage per turn.

Unlike Volcanion, Xerneas BREAK feeds off this energy acceleration linearly, given that it’s attack does 20 points of damage for each energy on your pokemon. So while Volc is hitting for a max of 100, Xerneas’ limitation is 20 x the energy in your deck.

However there’s more synergy in this deck than this nifty combo. Throw in Fairy Garden, and you’ve made a deck that can mix & match its attackers. If your opponent damages the active pokemon, use fairy energy to retreat for free and bring another pokemon to the forefront. So not only are you conserving energy with Silvally’s, but you’re making it difficult for your opponent to knock out a pokemon, which also conserves energy. And the more energy on the board the more powerful your Xerneas’ attack is, so the circle is complete.

Oranguru serves a dual purpose. Not only does it provide a small amount of draw, but it can turn into an attacker if needed. At worst, it can hold energy like a battery for Xerneas. (And it easily retreats with Fairy Garden and/or Silvally GX’s ability.) In this deck I added 4 fairy drops, which is another tool to make it difficult to knock out one of your pokemon. However you can use this space to fit your needs. One suggestion is Psychic Memory, which allows Silvally GX to hit for weakness in some matchups.

What you end up with is a deck that is strong and tough. Not only are you able to evade attacks, but with Xerneas BREAK and Silvally’s GX attack, you have the ability to do a tremendous amount of damage and OHKO just about anything. This is definitely a better match for Silvally GX, and I’m a bit surprised this isn’t out there in the meta.


  1. I might give this deck a try sometime. You have a point: Silvally isn’t seeing all that much play. But to be fair: Buzzwole is a pain to contend with (tho your deck does go around that mess with access to Fairy Garden for retreating). This card is the swiss army knife of the Gx’s in that he is getting more access to new typings for him to use and as it stands, he already has access to Psychic and Fighting Memory, which helps hunt down the majority of threats out there for a knockout.

    Now this is just my personal opinion. but if you should continue playing this deck in the current format, I would look to tech in Fire Memory against the Metal types, which will replace Gardevoir as the menance of the standard format. Yeah Dusk Mane can OHKO Silvally, but at least with that strong Fire coverage you’ll have a chance against DuskMane/Magnezone.

    And what I love about Silvally the most? The reprint in Ultra Prism. Awesome artwork, and he shall survive rotation next year: what’s not to love about that ^_^

  2. You have the best links. Funniest thing all day… but then again I spent most of my day chasing down people to submit their time sheets and identifying which invoices we still haven’t received from December.

    Great idea, you’ve already beaten me once with this deck. Let me borrow a couple of Type Null and I’ll try it out (yes, I have three Silvally but only one Type Null… I know I have no idea how that happened).

    So I don’t know anything about the characters or the story line in Pokemon, but apparently there’s some real backstory to Silvally. In case you’re wondering, the mask it wears contains / prevents it from using some secret power. Silvally was also artificially constructed (similar to Mewtwo), and it was specifically designed to counter the Ultra Beasts. So I would guess that in the future we may see something that gives it a strong advantage over the Ultra Beast cards (maybe an Ultra Beast memory card that makes all Ultra Beasts weak to it?). Or maybe some future card that is Silvally Unmasked that has an attack that automatically KO’s Ultra Beasts. I don’t know, I’m just totally speculating.

    And Gladion named it Silvally because it was Silver … and an ally.

    But like I said, I don’t know anything about the story behind the Pokemon.

    1. If you read up on Silvally’s pre-evolution, Type: Null, you’ll basically learn everything there is to know about him. But to sum it up: Yes he was an artificially created life form for the sole purpose of being a Beast Killer, or one that could defeat them (Ultra Beast to be exact). Initially he was dubbed Type: Full for the project, but when they installed the device you see on Silvally, known as the RKS System (Ar-ce-us: RKS), it caused the three Type: Full to go berserk and pained by the device, which lead to the Aether scientists to place the helmets on them to restrain the effects of the RKS Systems, deem the project a failure, and their code name’s became Type: Null. From their they cryogenically froze them and moved on, but Gladion freed one of them and took him as his friend and companion.

      Once Type: Null was able to trust Gladion unconditionally (High friendship in a way), Null himself breaks out of the helmet’s restraints and reactivates the RKS System. Yes he reverts to his original wild temperament, but he becomes faithful to their trainer and Gladion of course named his Null Silvally. Whether he already named it prior to evolution…that I do not know. As a side note, you can probably guess why the RKS System was designed that way (with the type changes and all that, he is like an artificial Arceus to that extent).

      Pretty cool pokemon if I do say so myself.

      1. Like I said, compared to you I know nothing about the storylines. Pretty cool that he’s sort of a new version of Arceus. Which reminds me is that still standard legal? That would be great with counter energy.

        1. If you’re referring to the XY promo Arceus with Judgement Blast, he is still legal for standard. So if you’re looking to build a fun deck with him, go for it (not meta defining, but perhaps a future Arceus GX will come about someday). I wouldn’t recommend the other Arceus promo tho: it’s not worth it.

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