Cyrus English scanned image

Hey readers, I just noticed that an English translation of Cyrus is available at the TCG database.  This clears up the confusion surrounding the translation of this card and confirms that you only have to have a (m) or (b) Pokemon in play, not necessarily in the active.

Reading between the lines, as it’s 120/138, I’m guessing that it won’t be extremely rare.  There had been some speculation that Prism cards could be extremely hard to come across since you can only carry one in your deck.  For better or worse, it looks like that won’t be the case.  If it had a number in the 130’s (or higher), then we could probably assume they’d be hard to come by.  In the long term, this will be annoying; in the short term, it’s great since that will make them easy to pull or inexpensive to purchase.

I’m starting to see this card get some more love in reviews / discussions I’m coming across.  I’m still sticking by this being the best card in the set, especially now that all you need is a (m) or (b) Pokemon on your bench.

Scans also available at the TCG database: Leafeon GX, Infernape, Glaceon GX, Lunala Prism, and Super Boost Energy Prism.  No surprises with any of those – all of their translations look consistent with what we were previously seeing.