Glaceon … and Greninja?

Our third Pokemon to review this week from the Ultra Prism expansion is Glaceon GX.  Like the rest of this new Generation of Eeveelutions, Energy Evolution Eevee allows Glaceon GX to get on the board on turn one.  This might also be the best Eeveelution to get on the board turn 1 because of its ability Freezing Gaze which shuts down the abilities of all of your opponents EX and GX Pokemon – as long as Glaceon is in the active position.

That means no Wonder Tag, no Trade, no Steam Ups, no Feather Arrows, no abilities from EX and GX Pokemon.  This is going to significantly affect your opponent even if you go second.  They might be able to Brigette turn 1, but if they don’t have Cynthia, N, or Sycamore in hand, they’ll most likely be reliant on their top decks to get draw support… and we all know how great of a feeling that is.  I’ve actually heard in the discussion of this card that this ability might force Zoroark players to actually up the number of Sycamores they plan to carry in their decks.  And if they play Guzma to move Glaceon back down to the bench, that means they’re not playing Cynthia, Sycamore, or N during that turn.

I’ve seen this paired with a number of different Pokemon (Zoroark GX being the most prominent), but I think the best pairing with this will be Greninja.  We’ve seen a Zoroark GX Greninja deck show some  promise, and this would be built in the same fashion.  This is a Greninja deck that is far different than most builds of that archetype – this type of build ignores Water Duplicates and tries instead for Rare Candy to speed development into Greninja.  This way you can quickly move Glaceon GX out of the active and start Shurikening and Shadow Stitching.

I already know that I’m going to run a 4 Eevee 2 Glaceon GX line when I go to try this.  I will run probably a 3-2-3-3 line of Frogs, but I might up that to 4-2-4-3, we’ll see how it plays out.  I might even run like a 3-3-3-3 line if I see water duplicates being an option, but I’m most likely going to go with a thin Frogadier line and bypass the water duplicates.  I would also guess that this build would run a single copy of Lele.

Trainer cards:

  • Rare Candy – 4 obviously is a must here
  • Skyla – it’s always good to have a copy of her in the deck when you’re playing Rare Candy
  • Ultra Ball – 4 of and a couple Brigette too – turn 1 Brigette is going to be HUGE
  • Ninja Boy – because getting that turn 1 Eevee in the active is so important, it might be worth it to tech in one of these old friends
  • Fisherman – always good to have a couple of these
  • Rescue Stretcher – a definite must have as we probably won’t play Splash energy in this deck
  • Brooklet Hill – Probably not if you can get that turn 1 Brigette consistently
  • Choice Band – YES
  • Max Potion – absolutely
  • Timer Ball – might be preferential over Evosoda because using Candy
  • Field Blower – always a four of when your deck is so dependent upon abilities


Probably won’t run splash so you can ensure being able to activate Eevee turn 1.  Also, you’ll want to run at least 11 water energy to guarantee you get one turn 1.  I remember calculating this out for Sylveon last June when I took that to NAIC.  I think it was something like a 93% chance of having energy in hand turn 1 when you run 11.  I think it increased by only about 1% if you ran 12 but decreased by 3% if you ran 10.  11 just seems to be that Goldilocks zone for being able to get energy in hand turn 1.

So I’m sure Mike will be extremely disappointed when he sees this combo, but I love the Frogs and I think this could be a great duo.  If you can stall them long enough to get a Greninja out and then start Shadow Stitching and shutting off ALL abilities, this deck could really win some matches.  Definitely something I’m going to try a LOT of on Feb 2nd.

One comment

  1. That Glaceon/Greninja Build does sound pretty good to me. Opponents are going to want to have a Guzma on hand to go after the Frongs before they become grown up. The things that do threaten the deck are builds that run Garbotoxin, which shut off all abilities, and builds that run an alternate form of draw support outside Zoroark, but Field Blowers and Glaceon’s ability to attack can mitigate a bit of the hassle.. Then of course Giratina: this tech is a rare inclusion in the meta I know, but the moment Wake and Greninja Gx were announced was the moment where every frog player began to look forward to the set after this one. So could Giratina come back should Greninja ascend? Probably so.

    By far the most dreadful scourge to this deck, and I sincerely hope you don’t go up against it, are the next two: Cyrus and Devolution based decks.

    Ninetales and Espeon Ex devastate rare candy, no questions asked. Anyone running a thin line of a stage one will get hit if Espeon isn’t taken care of. So if you do start playtesting online, watch out for Lighting/Water/Psychic based decks: they could be ready.

    Cyrus, a card you know all too well, is a card that can severely send you back a couple turns if you get hit with it. And just as with the influx of metal support this set, Glaceon and Empoleons will be around among the other decks that tech a Vulpix or some kind of water pokemon.

    But perhaps that’s a risk anyone’s willing to take, since there’s no such thing as an OP deck in pokemon.

    Side note: Cyrus was mistranslated for the english release. Now you can use it if ANY of your pokemon are water or metal types rather than having one of the types in the active. If this translation error remains going into the release date, or prerelease I should say, they will have to have an errata on that card (otherwise that card will be seeing play everywhere that benches one of the types needed for the activation of Cyrus).

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