Golisopod GX and Garbodor (both BKP and GRI) remain a very dangerous combination, even post UP.  If anything, the more I look at all of the new decks coming into the format from UP, the more I want to simply play Garbodor BKP and just shut off everyone’s abilities.  Virtually every top tier deck now is building itself around abilities.  Many of them are also multiple attachment attackers, they lack Golisopod’s flexibility to take advantage of Acerola and Super Scoop Up and completely wipe away all of the damage it sustained during the prior turn.  Garbodor GRI still remains a potential deterrent to playing Item cards and can hit for a ton of damage late in the game.

Here is the list I have used so far this month.  I’ve gone 21 W 9 L with it, but only 2 W 3 L against meta decks.

From the notes I have over these matches, I noticed that in three of my losses Brigette was prized.  In two other losses, I had to throw away Golisopods early or had one prized.  Energy Loto, although it has saved my butt a number of times, was actually my least played card, seeing only an average play rate of 18% and a 0.7 cards per game average despite having four of them in deck.  Therefore, I’m cutting two Loto and adding a Brigette and a Rescue Stretcher.

I don’t know what I might add from UP for this deck.  I might work in a Pal Pad, and I’m going to experiment with Cynthia – maybe even straight up swapping 4 Cynthia for 4 Sycamore at first.  Overall, though, I’m not making many changes to this decklist, it’s still very formidable as it is.

Update: with even these small two adjustments I’m now 4 W 0 L (1 W 0 L against meta decks).


  1. Adding the second Brigette was a wise decision. Sure some might say adding two could be dead weight, but Zoroark Players know they can just dump the clutter away for more useful cards during Trade. So you did good in adding the supporter (use one and the other can get dumped with Ultra balls and Sycamores). As for Ultra Prism, it’s best to see what might come up. Maybe drop Lillie in favor of Cynthia (especially if you notice Lillie not being used much throughout the game).

    For Lillie I feel that her most optimal potential could be in a deck that burns through their cards relatively easy as early as turn 1. But in standard we don’t have Acro Bikes, Trainer’s Mail, and so on to help with deck thinning. That and Garbodor should still be taken in account. I know I’m writing a short review on Lillie, but basically….if Lillie was in the format when Hoopa/Shaymin were at the top, Garbodor never came to be, and Jirachi was in that era’s standard…I could actually see her being awesome. But she’ll be in the format for a good long run so we’ll see.

    Kudos to you on fleshing out the deck even further.

  2. Thanks Juan. So on one hand, the extra Brigette is really good because in 3 of the 9 matches I lost, Brig was prized. However, in the matches where it was prized, I was still able to play Lillie, and sometimes that netted me 7 or 8 cards. I hate two Brigettes, but we’ll see. Regardless, this is a really good deck, and the more I look at UP and all of the abilities people are going to be playing combined with the fact that people are running less and less Leaf Blower, I am definitely leaning towards this deck at Collinsville.

    1. I get what you’re saying, and you right: when Lillie is played after having the best starting hand you could ever have, it works. It really works. But being able to thin the deck out further with Brigette does a lot of good and helps you draw into the cards you need sooner rather than later. That and it’s a hand refresh so if there’s a game where you need to pull cards but don’t want to draw just 2 or 3 cards with Lillie or Sycamore evolutions away on a gamble, Cynthia can help you with that.

      That and aside from Lele, Glaceon isn’t disruption your deck much at all. Dusk Mane is probably your biggest threat, but if they don’t run the necessary Field Blower count, well then you breeze right through them. It might come with some bug and mutant casualties, but you aren’t in a rough spot either.

      Also I saw your article on Cyrus just now and it’s really just a translation error. The Pokemon Company will probably issue and errata to match the Japanese translation without a doubt. If they don’t well then things aren’t going to look too pretty XD

      1. Yeah we’ll see what happens with Cyrus. It’s my guess that the errata won’t exist until after Collinsville, so that’s what I’m going with.

        Agreed logically putting down three basics clears the field so that you are just that much more likely to draw the cards you need. I’m just wondering though if it is truly the right play. Meaning, if you pick up basics along the way, turn one Brigette could theoretically be wasting time. However, I think the majority of the time it’s the better play. Something to do an analysis on… But not until after Collinsville.

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