Lycanroc Buzzwole Zoroark

As long as Zoroark GX stays relevant, we all know that Lycanroc GX (the one from GRI with Bloodthirsty Eyes) will stick around too.  We’ve seen a number of these variants, some with the Garbodors, some just Lycanroc and Zoroark, frequently they run Octillery and sometimes tech in Regirock EX as well.  I don’t think this archetype loses anything going into Collinsville, but I don’t think it gains much as well.  I think there will still be plenty of Zoroark GX for Lycanroc to take two easy prizes from, and it doesn’t seem like there’s a relevant Psychic deck as well right now.  Leafeon (fill in the blank) seems very popular, but Cyrus absolutely wrecks it.  Leafeon seems like another deck that will see tons of play on PTCGO but go completely MIA at Collinsville.  Golisopod GX and Tapu Bulu GX are still huge threats, though.  Golisodor absolutely wrecks both Buzzwole and Lycanroc, but I haven’t seen much of them on PTCGO this month.  I was talking to Mike about this, he sees Buzz and the Roc a lot, but I’d actually only seen them a combined seven times in over two hundred matches prior to this weekend where we saw plenty of Fighting Pokemon because of the special Lightning challenge.

Fighting decks have a lot going for them.  Strong energy ranks as probably the best of the type exclusive special energies, and Regirock can give attacks a bump as well.  Brooklet Hill gets you a Basic every turn it’s out.  I don’t think anything from UP adds much to the deck, maybe Cynthia and Pal Pad, but there aren’t really any Fighting types to tech in or Items or Supporters that specifically help out the type.

Overall, though, it will still win a lot of matches against Zoroark GX and other decks as well, and it probably won’t get any new arch enemies out of UP as well.  I’ve done well with this archetype: I went 13 W 7 L with Zoroark Lycanroc (without Tapu Lele) and 8 W 4 L with Buzzwole Lycanroc.  So there’s no question that this combo of Pokemon can win matches.  I am a combined 5 W 7 L against Buzzwole and Lycanroc this month, so certainly they have frustrated me.  And I’d guess a lot of people will play it at Collinsville because it’s a safe play, doesn’t need a lot of new testing, and will probably will still be very competitive.