(m) decks receive a TON of support from Ultra Prism.  No particular type got more love from the designers of PTCG than (m).  We’ve already featured Alolan Dugtrio and written to the potential brokenness of Dialga GX, but there’s one other deck coming out of Ultra Prism that might rule over all.


  • Dusk Mane Necrozma: perhaps the most anticipated Pokemon out of UP, this Ultra Beast has 190 HP and three attacks:

Yeah it’s pretty intimidating.  And it has plenty of new friends to help it out.

  • Dialga GX : I’ve already written about how broken this card’s GX attack is.  The ability to take two consecutive turns will win you a lot of matches.
  • Cobalion (Steam Siege 74): everyone forgets about this late game gem.  If your opponent has taken five of your prizes, this card does 180 damage.
  • Solgaleo Prism: also a new card from UP, this also has received much early acclaim:

Suddenly, it’s not very hard to get DM Necrozma or Dialga powered up.  So I used to say, 160 or 220, those are great numbers, but if you can only use an attack during one turn and aren’t able to attack the next turn, it really only does 80 or 110.  However, in today’s game where Acerola, Max Potion, and (my favorite although nobody else has figured it out), Super Scoop Up can completely waste a turn by removing all damage from a Pokemon, I’m starting to think that using a turn to get powered up isn’t such a bad thing – as long as you KO your opponent’s feature Pokemon during the turn you attack.  And you don’t necessarily have to lose a turn between attacks either….

  • Magnezone: … thanks to the new Magnezone, which does the same thing as the old Magnezone but for (m).  With this Pokemon in play, you can attach as many (m) energy as you have in hand anywhere you want.  And as we saw with Alolan Dugtrio, there are tons of ways to get energy in hand now: Starmie, Ribombee, the new Mount Coronet, Fisherman, etc.  Getting four energy on Necrozma and five energy on Dialga just isn’t going to be that hard.
  • Mew (Fates Collide 29): This little guy could copy either Slogaleo Prism’s or DM Necrozma’s attacks.  Plus, it has free retreat, a somewhat useful single attachment attack, and hits (p) Pokemon for weakness.  I definitely think this guy is a nice little tech in and might even be worth two slots.


  • Max Elixirs: not totally sure on this, but you’ll have to run at least ten or twelve energy in this deck.  Also not sure if there’ll be room for them in a 60 card list.
  • Fighting Fury Belt: DM Necrozma becomes 230, Solgaleo Prism becomes 200.  If you can get these to stick – and they probably will as people are running minimal counts of Leaf Blowers – you should probably consider some Max Potions as well.
  • Rare Candy: probably a four of to ensure Magnezone as quickly as possible.
  • Professor’s Letter: Definitely need one or two of these
  • Mount Coronet: Personally, I think this is a four of, but most of the lists I’ve seen only run two or three.  I think that’s a mistake – I think this will be a major engine for this deck.  I’d even consider running a Lusamine so you can bring back a stadium or two and guarantee that this cornerstone of your strategy is available.
  • Skyla: at least a couple of these so you can get Rare Candy and Mount Coronet on demand.
  • Fisherman: At least one if not two of these, right?
  • Cyrus: I’ve already written quite a bit about this card, it’s just devastating to think you could play Cyrus and then use Timeless GX.  At the end of your second turn, your opponent might only have one Pokemon left in play.  It’s theorymon, but it’s absolutely the most devastating theorymon anyone could possible come up with at this point.


Again, we won’t really know until we spend some time playing, but I would think that ten or twelve would be the best number.  I don’t think eight will be enough – you just won’t be able to find enough energy – but 14 or 15 would be too much, there just won’t be room.

Overall, this is going to be a really good deck.  There’s no question.  I believe that it will even do well against Volcanion because of Timeless GX and Cyrus.  I will definitely be testing this, and it’s definitely on the short list for Collinsville.


  1. I don’t even deny it’s power: you have a strong skeleton already laid out for the deck as it is. As for Cyrus, so long as you don’t get in a desperate Sycamore or not to Sycamore, Ultra Ball or not to Ultra ball dilemma with him, his hair free brow will stare down opponents menacingly.

    What more can I say: I have never seen a deck as hyped as this one in a very long time. I pray that it does live up to everyone’s expectations and more. Me? Kinda wish Pokemon hadn’t decided to pull back the release date on the Solgaleo/Lunala promos, especially when Brigette is on her way to rotating in September, but what can ya do. For what it’s worth, I’ll just play more nest balls and whatnot alongside Oranguru and hope for the best later this year…at least deck thinning won’t be such a hassle.

    As a side note: theme deck lists are out…I’m picking up both of them. I like what they did for them ^_^

    1. The more I think about Metalcrozma though the more it seems like it’s too big not to fail. It just seems like it takes a lot to get it going and a lot to keep it going. Honestly, I’m starting to think that about the only thing that’s really going to make this work is Timeless GX.

      Gardevoir was as hyped as this if not more. And that’s already fading even before UP.

      1. I think I know what you mean. See, Metal Magnezone is exactly like the current electric type we have. And the biggest hassle I have with that, and this deck, is the setup: If you take out the Magnezone and the opponent has no back up Zone to get up and running, Necrozma is just there all burnt out. I know the hype is valid, but I can’t help but to think of the negatives to the deck. Again, Magnezone is key: you lose Magnezone, you’re done for. One can try playing Heatran as a non-EX/Gx attacker, but he still burns energy away. Can’t play Altar of the Sunne since you need Mt. Coronet, so Fire is your motal enemy.

        However…maybe, just maybe…Zoroark could be paired with Metalcrozma to help facilitate the setup, and even that’s a reach (Magnezone is no Bronzong, who was my favorite energy accelerator in my metal toolbox deck way back). Ultimately, this will either be the greatest success story of Ultra Prism, or the biggest flop. The best deck that will come out of UP will be the one who can set up the the most efficiently, and proceed to stay in the game and dominate. Necrozma/Magnezone, Empoleon, Glaceon, Leafeon, Luxray lock, and Garchomp….all tied to the Sinnoh Region, all of which have made heads turn. February is going to make or break this deck without a doubt.

        But perhaps it shall be fine (for what it’s worth: Registeel can be added to get something going while setting up), tech a Mime and Bench damage no longer becomes a real threat.

        As for Gardevoir, she lived up to the hype in part due to a lack of true metal counters (not Counting Celesteela). Dusk Mane has it bad: he has Volcanion to face, Buzzwole targeting down Magnemites, and Leafeon Gx is far from being a negligible threat as well. And then the three Zoroark in standard could even see a revival to theoretically Timeless Gx opponents in retaliation or Mind Jack Necrozma at a full bench.

        Whichever way it goes, the worst that can happen with this deck…is that it was hyped up by players that want an end to Gardevoir. The Alpha male, the BEAST KILLER of Fairies, yet the fairies have begun to flee from the army of Buzzwole and Lycanroc, who are dominating alongside Golisopod and Zoroark. Golisopod shreds Lycanroc and wounding all in just one attachment while locking up abilities with Garb, Lycanroc and Buzzwole shred Zoroarks, and Zoroark heavily wounds everything. Coupled with Decidueye and you wind up OHKOing virtually any and every threat that doesn’t resist him. In a sense, what is a Fairy Killer without a fairy to kill….will he become prey, or will he become the Lion King of the meta. That is the crossroad that this Necrozma possessed Solgaleo faces.

        1. And Magnezone/Necrozma is no VikaBulu duplicate either (Bulu has no weakness, hits magic numbers, and Vikavolt only needs to draw out energy from the deck onto Bulu and everyone else). But if Blastoise/Keldeo saw life in the meta, godspeed Necrozma: just show us what you got. And to Solgaleo Prism: he will be key in saving the deck’s hide when Magnezone isn’t getting up and running early game (no doubt about that).

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