Pokemon The Card Game Online – Rewards Gone Wild!?

I opened up Pokemon TCGO yesterday and nearly fell on the floor. Here’s the rewards screen I was greeted with:

Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick! This is a tremendous haul. First off, if you’re a noob to the game, or wasn’t around a few standards ago, Shaymin EX** was the card to own, similar to Tapu Lele. Back then it cost 20-25 Roaring Skies packs. Even today, while no longer standard, it goes for 6 Guardians Rising packs, and is a great addition for folks looking to get into expanded. Meanwhile Ghetsis is another staple for expanded, so this is really a two-fer.

Not sure what got into the Pokemon TCGO Powers That Be‘s coffee, but this is one giveaway you don’t want to miss out on.

**(Full Disclosure- I have a love hate relationship with Shaymin-EX, as anyone who has watched my You Tube Channel would attest to. While it’s a clear advantage in the draw game, the 110 HP + 2 prize reward made it a prime target on the bench. I thought it was at times a vulnerability — in that you could tech a mediocre lightning attacker in your deck and give yourself a slight advantage using Lysandre to get two prizes.)


  1. Yeah I literally fell off my couch when I saw that. Where was that last year? If they would have put that on the ladder a year ago today it would have completely blown up the game. It would have crashed harder than Healthcare.gov on October 1st 2013 there would have been so many players on it.

    As an exclusively Standard player I’m feeling discriminated against. There better be something good for us in the next reset ; /

    1. Dude it’s fine! Shoot I know I wanted Shaymin back when it was in standard, so for the new players entering the game, they’re gunna take flight in a single bound XD So I’m happy for the players in expanded, and everyone in general.. For the experienced players who remain exclusively in standard: we’ll be okay. I bet Zoroark Gx among other things gets added to the ladder someday, but til then let everyone have fun while you and Mike can proceed to mercilessly hunt down Shaymin like predators Lol

      As a side note: Zoroark GX with Propagation Exeggcute….smart, very smart, but absolutely annoying. Got decimated as I attempted my Dragon Challenge this past weekend with my Hydreigon Break deck. Thank goodness I managed to finish it after a disappointing game such as that one.

  2. While I think it is cool to get the Shaymin, I don’t even think that’s the most exciting card on the ladder. Ghetsis has been seeing a full on revival in play this season and given that the card has been a featured supporter that played huge in every expanded regional tournament this season (it has literally been a 1 of in the winning deck in every single expanded regional this season). Given the rise of Zoroark GX and the corresponding rise of all things puzzle / enhanced hammer, Ghetsis use is only going to become more and more prevalent.

    Next up is the teaching aspect of Ghetsis. There are a few cards similar to Ghetsis in the pokemon world today, but not many and none that are searchable via turn 1 Lele to potentially devastate your opponent before they ever have a chance to do anything. They also aren’t cards that can be retrieved via VS Seeker either making this truly a unique opportunity (much like FA N was on the ladder a while back…and you three can call me a sheep all you want about that card, but it was worth every scrap of effort it took to get it). Overall, it lends itself to an alternate way of thinking about deck construction that is a valuable lesson for anyone learning the game or wanting to branch out from Standard to Expanded.

    I get that the overall cost to acquire 2+ Shaymins (3 for Night March, 4 for Mega Ray if anyone is still playing that…they aren’t) is higher in a packs per trade world, but the fact that everyone who ladders can get two of these fairly easily should do a lot to devalue the overall baseline price for the RA Shaymin (FA and FAa prices aren’t going anywhere lol).

    Anyway, keep on keeping on guys.

  3. Thanks FayId. Completely agree that it will devalue Shaybay down to a fraction of what it was worth last year at this time.

    Ghetsis is a nasty card, I would definitely play it as at least a one of if it were in standard. I also have been seeing a slight uptick in item usage in Standard play, at least in PTCGO, but most meta builds I’ve been seeing that are previewing UP decks have had a healthy 15 to 17 items (I’ve been counting because I’m considering Golisodor for Collinsville). Many of them are running at least 1 Pal Pad. Unfortunately, we just didn’t get many items in UP so Standard is still somewhat Item poor. And I’m sure people would run more if there were more worth running – it’s like somebody came along and completely erased away both Garbodors – I never hear any discussion about them in the videos I’ve been listening to.

    1. You pretty much hit the nail on the head with why trashalanche isn’t being played in standard. Pokemon hasn’t really released items that make you stop and say “I should run 4 of those.” VS Seeker did a lot to differentiate standard from expanded, but it also had the secondary effect of ending garbodor’s run as king of standard as well. In fact, the most recent lists of Golisopod Garbodor (including the one that placed 2nd at Memphis) don’t run it at all favoring consistency and ability lock over the late game “maybe I hit it” presence of trashalanche.

      Things to look for is how the meta is currently changing (not that it will matter one bit since the first Ultra Prism set is fully legal for Collinsville pretty much killing anything we are seeing in cups) are the fact that VikaBulu is being played in exceptionally high numbers in a variety of different ways. Gardevoir has been somewhat non-existent. Some meme type decks have made their way to the top of some cups (including Dark Ninjas and Zoroark Yanmega…don’t ask). Zoroark Lycanroc (Paw Patrol) and Buzzwole Lycanroc both remain quite strong currently. Essentially the meta has shifted back to a more aggro model similar to how standard worked last season. Which leads me to old ideas coming back as new again. Ho-Oh Salazzle, Volcanion variants, maybe some Trashy Buzz, Zoroark Ninetales (super risky given the metal hype, but it is also stupidly good if it doesn’t have to hit 230), and some new format stuff that I haven’t really dreamed up yet since I have spent every second of testing on expanded for Dallas LOL!

      Anyway, sorry to hijack the conversation. You know I like to talk LOL!

      Regarding Ghetsis in Standard…I honestly don’t think it would be nearly as effective as it is in expanded because the supporter counts are just so high and fewer and fewer decks are truly dependent on Brigette T1 to be effective (many still like it, but others have figured out that the old mode of setting up where you draw into items that can search out your basics was much more effective at allowing your T2 to set everything up…which brings me back to why trashalanche might be a sneaky good play). But we were talking Ghetsis LOL! Most decks have at least 8 draw supporters along with 3 Lele for whopping 1/6 of the deck being non item outs to a supporter of choice T1. Unlike in expanded where Ghetsis can 100% ruin a game for someone T1, I kinda think it would be more of a slight annoyance in standard than the potential game ending threat it is in expanded.

      I will leave this as food for thought though…the most popular VikaBulu list (named KicaBulu for the dude who created it) is currently rocking 20 items. I’m not saying…I’m just saying 🙂

  4. And it can because Trashalanche isn’t being played much. I’d like to think it will see an increase post UP because there are some decent Psychic cards in the set, but it’s not nearly to the extent of metal, so I doubt the Garbodors will be back in Collinsville.

    But yes most of what’s being played right now gets pushed aside by UP enhancements. And I’m glad to see that. The meta was very slow to embrace SUM cards a year ago at this time, and I think we’ll see a meta chock full of UP decks Feb 17.

    I like how you know all the nicknames though! The creativity of those names always makes me laugh a little bit.

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