Zoroark Weavile – Two Reasons to Be Afraid of the Dark

Weavile gets a new version in the upcoming Ultra Prism expansion set, and I think it’s going to be GOOD.  This is the Pokemon that everyone is glossing over – and I have no clue why because it does fifty damage times the number of your opponent’s Pokemon with abilities.

(k) – Darkness – Dark Bond – 50x
This attack does 50 damage times the number of your opponent’s Pokémon with Abilities.

So let’s see how many of the prospective top meta decks at Collinsville will run multiple Pokemon with abilities?  Umm how about ALL OF THEM.  Seriously, Glaceon GX, Magnezone, Zoroark GX, Leafeon GX, Vikavolt, Octillery, Oranguru, Lycanroc, Volcanion, Garbodor… how much longer do you want me to go on?  Do you think your opponent’s really going to say, “Oh it’s turn 1 but I’m not going to play my Tapu Lele and go get Zorua because you’ve got a Sneasal out in play?”  No!  He’s going to throw down that Lele, go get a couple Zorua and you’ll be hitting for 150 minimum in a turn or two.  Seriously, no doubt in my mind that this card will punish your opponent’s hard in Collinsville.  This card is on nobody’s radar.

Pokemon to complement Weavile:

  • Zoroark GX – this is a no brainer, and STOP THE PRESSES you might actually get to use Zoroark’s GX attack… which is umm … uh … oh yeah I forgot it’s the one that lets you steal any of your opponent’s attacks (seriously I don’t know if I’ve ever seen this attack used even once).
  • The other Weavile (BUS, you know with the attack with the awesome name Rule of Evil) … will for obvious reasons NOT be making a cameo appearance in this decklist.  I guess you could run it if you didn’t run Zoroark GX, maybe it would work with a spread deck but I just don’t think they have good synergy.
  • Hoopa – I could see some trolling coming out of this deck, but there will be a lot of Volcanion, maybe that Sining Genesect will make somewhat of an appearance, yesterday’s Alolan Dugtrio deck… so yeah maybe the meta will be balanced and prepared for Hoopa’s shenanigans, and Hoopa might be a pass.

Trainer cards:

  • Choice Band – Yes.  You’re a one attachment attacker that’s going to get KO’d every turn, just go for the max damage.
  • Bursting Balloon – maybe?  just a thought
  • Evosoda – no brainer in this deck
  • Mallow – whenever you have Zoroark you should carry at least a couple of Mallow
  • Rescue Stretcher – not sure that it’s a 4 of but at least a couple


Maybe all dark energy?  Unlike Rule of EvilDark Bond requires a Dark energy.  If you end up running Hoopa, then definitely include DCE.

I really think Weavile is going to have an impact.  Obviously, it’s not a stand alone Pokemon, but it will do damage.  A Volcanion player is going to bench his Big Daddy Volcs.  A Zoroark player is going to bench the GX.  We’re all going to play Lele.  Weavile’s going to do some damage to your opponent at some point in the game.  It’s the ultimate deterrent, really – if your opponent decides not to bench their Pokemon with abilities, they run a serious risk of losing the game.


  1. Weavile is pretty interesting, but I believe in most cases the Weavile with Rule of Evil might be the better option, especially with Honchkrow hitting for massive damage. The problem with Weavile is that (with the exception of Volcanion and Decidueye), most decks won’t bench too many pokemon with abilities. Yes Zoroark/Lycanroc is a thing, but a single Lycanroc can run through Weavile and if they keep the number of ability based pokemon to 3, you only hit 150 but lose him as soon as he gets some damage down (90 Hp is paper thin in my opinion).

    Now having a 2-2 line alongside a main attacker could give Weavile some good results. And if Buzzwole stays in the meta as a dominant attacker, you could slap Mew Ex down to make it to where just 2 ability based pokemon will OHKO Psychic Weak pokemon with the minimalist effort. And if Glaceon and Leafeon Gx become more prominent, then Weavile can come in to punish.

    In the end, I can appreciate the company designing cards that don’t break the bank and still be good without the GX stamp on them, but at times I feel that these budget like cards come too far in between. And yes: that’s how most card companies are. You make more money by making the more sought after cards some of the highest rarities, which means suppliers have to buy more boxes to pull said cards, which is one of the factors that drives up the prices of things such as Lele and the meta dominating Pokemon in standard.

    And yes: some of these lower rarity cards can wind up making magic happen (Night March was massive, Gallade/Octillery took people by surprise not too long ago, Garbodor was big, and Vespiquen was pretty neat pre-rotation). But it won’t always happen (tho when set spoilers come out, we all have a little fun fawning over the shiny new toys….ever since I got hooked on the card game, set release dates became my mini Christmas, and I think that’s what also keeps me drawn to the game as well. But that’s just me: totally off topic, but my mind went off to outer space.

    Ultra Prism: Garchomp, Dugtrio, Weavile, Empoleon. New players are going to be able to enter the game much easier with the way the game has progressed. For the returning players: this is a great set. And the next set…if all the alternate type pokemon are introduced there, we might get some interesting tools next season.

    1. Now I gave the Zoroark/Weavile idea some further thought, and ultimately you’re going to want to see how the meta shifts next month. Dusk Mane is dangerous in that it OHKO’s everything upon setting up, so Zoroark GX might not be enough. If you squeeze in Stand In-Zoroark and it’s Break, you might have a chance against high damage dealing decks. Mew Ex is a card that you must take into consideration, especially since she’ll have access to Trickster GX, whether it’s on your board, or your OPPONENT’S board, and that is a strong consideration.

      So can you make it happen? I say yes you can.

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