Collinsville Preview

Hello all – first of all, let me say that FayId gave a great run down of what’s probably going to show up at Collinsville in the comments section of the article “Rubbing the Crystal Ball” I posted the other day.  I HIGHLY recommend you check it out… we’re getting such good comments from these articles I LOVE LOVE LOVE the discussion and just absorb every word.

So it will come as no surprise to anyone who has ever read this site that I am taking Golisopod Garbodor to Collinsville.  I had to order my cards last week, and I just couldn’t get comfortable with anything out of Ultra Prism.  And I really wanted to take a new deck, not just because it’s new, but because a new deck has won the first tournament that it became standard legal in for the past three expansions: Seattle in May, worlds in August, and London in November.  And I have little doubt that Deciplume or Lurantis Decidueye would have won in Anaheim a year ago this week when the first SUM expansion became Standard legal had more players actually used GX cards.

So keeping that in mind, here is the deck that I think will win it all this weekend:

  • Metalcrozma – I know first hand there are a couple of lists out there – with and without Magnezone – that will do well in Collinsville.  This deck is big and bad and has a clear pathway to victory in every matchup except Volcanion.

That’s it, Metalcrozma will win Collinsville.  The pattern will continue, a new deck will win it all, and these are the only two I think can do it.  Here’s why I think the rest will falter:

  • Glaceon GX – I’m guessing it will be a Glaceon Metalcrozma final, with Glaceon losing because of weakness.  This is another fill in the blank as to what the best list to complement it will be (I know it’s NOT Greninja!), but again if you win 80% of half of your games and 50% of the other half, you’re going to do alright.  And you know somebody is going to get lucky and go first and start Eevee every time.  And everything they’re complementing Glaceon with is NOT Metal weak, so it could be insulated against the Metalcrozma matchup.
  • Buzz-roc-ark – Okay if it’s not a new deck, one these Buzzwole, Zoroark, Lycanroc variants will win.
  • Tordozorovoir – Sorry too much Metal.  Also, how many people are going to get their Espeon EX’s out of their binders after seeing Tord’s list skip Kirlia?  No, that was a one time let’s take some chances it’s a small tournament I think we can get away with this list.
  • Leafeon GX – Three words: Cyrus, Parallel, Volcanion.
  • Volcanion – if someone actually runs this with the new Turtonator, I’ll definitely say they could win it all.  (Nobody will run this with the new Turtonator.)  But someone will hit Leafeons and Metalcrozma all day 1 and make it smooth sailing into day 2… where they’ll lose their first round match on day 2 to Glaceon GX.
  • Garchomp – again the last Stage 2 deck to win anything was Gardevoir GX.  Garchomp < Gardevoir GX.  Garchomp <> Day 2.  Ability lock, Cyrus, Parallel, and it’s just WAY too many evolutions.
  • Empoleon – many of the same issues as Garchomp.  One thing it does have going for it is that it’s weak to Lightning and there won’t be much Pachirisu Raichu running around.
  • Pachirisu Raichu GX – could be the WOW didn’t see that coming of the tournament.  I’ve played this a couple of times and it has potential.  It can hit for a ton of damage, and it is COMPLETELY immune to ability lock.  Unfortunately, it’s weak to Fighting, susceptible to Cyrus and Parallel, and it’s weak to Fighting.
  • BKP Garbodor variants – Garbotoxin will win a number of matches by itself.  There’s not a deck listed here (except Raichu) that doesn’t suffer from ability lock, and people still aren’t running more than 1 or 2 Leaf Blowers.
  • Buluvolt – it’s never won anything anywhere and it’s been a thing (virtually the exact same thing) for ten months now.  At some point you’ve got to poop or get off the pot.  It’s a good deck, it suffers some from ability lock, but has no weakness and doesn’t brick too often.  I just don’t really like playing it, it’s just kind of boring to me.  But it will win matches and it’s not a bad call right now, unless you think there’ll be a ton of ability lock out there, but I don’t think there will be any Greninja (Leafeon, Golisopod, and Tapu Bulu and you think anybody’s going to play the Frogs?) and not much more Garbotoxin.
  • Psychic Toolbox – we’ll give a shout out to Keemonto’s Purple Pokemon Eaters.  This looks like a deck that could do some damage – certainly, every Buzzwole player will need a change of underwear after you plop down a couple of those Psychic Pokemon.  Many people are teching in Mewtwo (EVO 51), so that is not good for Mewtwo GX, and you’re relying on a come from behind strategy, which sometimes is good, but can lead to losses because you have much less margin for error. Still, it’s  not bad and will win some matches.

So that’s about it.  Now that I’ve covered pretty much everything, I’m sure something that’s NOT listed here will win the whole thing at Collinsville.  I just hope I don’t see much Volcanion.  It’s my hope that everyone is playing Garchomp – I’m 6 W 2 L against it with Golisodor, and I made major misplays in the two matches I lost.

But I’m hopeful, I’ve gone on good winning streaks over the past few days, I’m back over 50%, and, most importantly, 9 W 4 L against my last 13 meta decks, with 3 of the 4 losses coming to Volcanion decks and the other loss to Buzzroc.  Although I’m not exactly sure what “meta” means right now, I’m certain that we’ll all have a really good idea of what that means after Sunday.

***Update 2/15***

So here’s what it looks like when you win three tournaments and come in second in another.   Yeah, I won 22 UP packs tonight.  My son and I are going to have a BLAST opening them tomorrow!  I added some comments and the stats around this AMAZING win streak I’m on below.


  1. Golisidor -is- the worst possible deck for Garchomp to fight. I seriously have more wins v Gardevoir than I do against Golisidor with my Garchomp variant. It’s too fast, it Guzmas too often, it has single-prize attackers, and every single attacker in it has the potential to one-shot Garchomp. Add to that the ability lock? Yikes.

    I think Metalcrozma could win too, especially the version that runs Silvally and Registeel in place of Magnezone for energy acceleration. That deck is way harder to shut down, and it builds up energy very quickly. Funny enough it’s just not as fast as Shining Mew in terms of Energy acceleration and Mewtwo both 1hkos Metalcrozma with Fighting Fury Belt and avoids the 1hko in return, but though I’ve beaten that deck every time I’ve fought it, it has incredible potential and I think it’s probably just flatly better than my Mewtwo deck against most matchups. It’s generally the fastest version I’ve seen, and definitely the version that’s most resilient against Garbodor, which I think is gonna be a substantial boon.

    I think if everyone’s still trying to run the Magnezone, you might see Glaceon come out on top. Maintaining Garbotoxin is pretty much and autoloss for poor Magnezone/Metalcrozma, and I -do- think Garbotoxin is going to be big. With him out of the way, while I haven’t -fought- a Glaceon deck that I felt was stellar, so many people love her that I feel like there has to be one out there. One interesting variant I’d be curious to try myself is Glaceon/Garbodor. I feel like a Glaceon/Garbodor with an Espeon EX in there could be very good at shutting down abilities early and keeping them shut off for the duration of the game while being very threatening very early on. Haven’t tested it, but I like the concept.

    1. I gotta say…MetalCrozma could win, but I can’t help but to root for the Bodybuilding Mosquito to flex his way to victory at the end of the day. Something about MetalCrozma is beginning to rub me the wrong way, and it has something to do with Magnezone. Maybe it’s just me, but Magnezone seems to be cursed. The Electric Magnezone didn’t see any play during the meta, Pikachu EX didn’t make it out on top alongside him…I just feel that Magnezone, more specifically Dusk Mane, has trouble when they don’t get the energy that they need at the right time.

      Personally, Dusk Mane players have got to tech Energy Retrievals in their build to guarantee that they have energy ready to reload at all times, because when Dusk Mane goes off, it cannot be stopped. But if his own engine stops…things can go south.

      Keemonto, Glaceon/Garb might not be a bad idea. Total shutdown of abilities is nice, and widdling down the juggernauts of MetalBox and OHKO’ing Volcanions is great, but decks like Golisopod are not hindered significantly, Buzzwole could still go off if he gets a chance, and if they find their Field Blower….Dusk Mane will hunt, so if you should go the Glaceon/Garb route somehow: snipe their Magnezones at all cost (without their Magnet Friend, Dusk Mane’s bulky stature will waste away.

      Harvey, you got to have more confidence in your deck. I’m not asking that you somehow develop some Charles Xavier type of gift in you, but rather follow what I personally feel are the three fundamental things about the Pokemon game: Faith, Luck, and Logic. Luck is a two-way street: everyone could maximize their odds of having a good turn one hand and luck could still go from kissing them on the cheek to biting them from behind. And with all the work you’ve been doing to practice for Collinsville, you’re helping to get a good grasp on multiple situations you could find yourself in, while learning to respond accordingly (Logic). Having the knowledge of the many days that you may encounter this weekend is crucial for one to do good at the event, so I commend you for your passion with the game and number.

      And lastly, Faith. Just have faith and have a good time. If you get yourself discouraged easy during your games, you might wind up belittling yourself and hindering yourself more readily. I might be a bit younger than the veterans on this site, but as someone that has gone through real life, gone through failure and disappointment: sometimes it be the man that stares back at the mirror that be your own worst enemy. And it shouldn’t be that way. Even if MetalCrozma comes out the gates to flex on everyone with his golden Mane, that just means he has the highest expectations to uphold as a deck. As long as you get comfy with the strong matchups you’ll have, you won’t fear the Blinding One: you’ll accept his challenge (besides, if you still have faith in the Little Golisopod that Could, Dialga GX get’s OHKO’ed by a Choice Banded Resolute Claws. And what does Resolute mean? Unwavering). You are piloting ya boy Guzma’s main Ace after all: show them what you’re capable of, win or lose, rain or shine.

      As for the event in general…I’m not asking for Sei Jun Park levels of shock from the even, but it would be nice to have everyone’s expectations thrown out the window, just as the tiny little Pachirisu did before in the VGC…before it got stale again.

      1. I think Golisidor is one of the best decks in the format, especially if you lean into its speed. Garbodor is just so good in the format, and I think there are few partners who work better with him than Golisipod.

        I think that Magnezone isn’t going to be the partner who takes Duskmane to a win. Magnezone is too slow, too unreliable, and too easy to shut down with Garbotoxin in the format. Maybe after Garbotoxin rotates out, assuming they don’t print another one. I’ve seen some good, fast Duskmane builds without Magnezone in them though, and I think those could do it. I’m actually looking into building one myself, so I’ll let you know how that goes. In principle it’s not that different from my Mewtwo deck.

        I don’t think those decks could be beaten by Glaceon. But I definitely think she can handle the Magnezone versions- in the early game she can deal great damage, and one-shot Magnemites while dealing solid damage to the bench as well. I think she would run best played similarly to Buzzwole- pull up weak targets and blast away while they’re setting up.

        I’m not -too- worried about Buzzwole as a matchup for Glaceon. He’s rough on Eevee, but you shouldn’t have Eevees around for long. Against Glaceon herself, he has a hard time getting the kill without GX, and she 2-shots him from full while scattering 60 damage on his bench, possibly sniping Rockruff or setting up the next Buzzwole for a 1hko.

        I haven’t -actually- run the deck yet though, so that’s all theory at the moment.

        1. I see I see. Ah! Wouldn’t Rayquaza and Solgaleo Prism be the better alternative for Dusk Mane tho? Also I just had a look at PokeBeach….looks like Magnezone can finally find a bit more diversity…while boosting Dugtrio drastically. A new supporter coming in the form of Lady: Search your deck for up to 4 basic Energy cards, reveal them, and put them into your hand. Then, shuffle your deck. Everyone’s getting Clemont. And Dragon’s Wish can become a thing again 😀

  2. Raquaza has the advantage of being basic, but I like Silvally for his added bonus of letting you swap between an empty Dusk Mane and a live one, plus his ability to close out a game or just eliminate a threat with his own powerful GX attack.

    And that sounds interesting. It could definitely help with setting up Magnezone, before you get a bunch of energy in the discard.

    1. Mmhm. I believe that’s what Magnezone needed to give it a good push in the right direction. Just spamming the field with Metal would be a great way to assure that you don’t ever stay stuck at any given turn, and it helps to keep the deck thinned out as well.

      You make a good point on Silvally helping with retreat, which is why I’ve been meaning to try out Xerneas/Silvally simply because he has the advantage of using Fairy Garden to retreat, the memory tool cards for countering threats, and the acceleration to boot: basically he’s a good substitute for Gumshoes, who once did amazing in the early Sun and Moon era, taking OHKO’s on Yveltal EX and whatnot.

      As for Silvally….he’s going to become his own deck someday, without a doubt (just wish Arceus was given similar treatment like he got many years ago).

      Other than that, I can’t help but to look ahead: Ultra Necrozma, Zygarde and his GX attacks, AlolanBox (with Marowak’s attacks and whatnot), and an All Ultra Beast deck with Naganadel…this set bringing so many decks, almost makes me wonder when they’ll finally run out of ideas).

  3. Sometimes life is a roller coaster.

    Last Friday, I was pretty despondent. I had just ordered my cards for Golisodor, and I promptly went 1 W 9 L with the deck. This was my low point. I dropped below 40% wins on straight PTCGO (which is SO low, lowest ever – I was almost 60% wins in January), and felt like the floor had just dropped out from underneath me. I just couldn’t win, not with any UP deck, and now not with my most trusted, reliable deck since November. It was an unmitigated disaster.

    My friend FayId sent me the list that Azul used to come in second at Memphis with… which was a little ironical because that was the list that originally inspired me. He suggested I drop the GRI Garb and take a closer look at this list again and see where I’d too far diverged from it.

    I also remembered Juan’s suggestion from around late December of Baby Golisopod, so I decided to throw that in as well. A couple tweaks just to blow things up a little, not a major overhaul, just a small realignment.

    Since then, I am an astounding 38 W 13 L with the deck (74.5%). I am also 16 W 6 L against “meta” decks over that period. I am 4 W 1 L against Buzz, 6 W 1 L against Lycanroc, 4 W 1 L against Zoroark,
    3 W 1 L vs Metalcrozma (all with Maggie), 2 W 0 L against Buluvolt. The only meta deck I am struggling against is Volcanion, but I do have 1 win in 4 tries against Volc.

    I am actually 20 W 3 L in my last 23 matches (13 W 3 L in my last 16 matches against meta decks), and this culminated in a really great night tonight where I won THREE tournaments on PTCGO and came in second in another. And lest you think I had creampuffs in all four tournaments, I played seven of the twelve matches against meta decks, including three against Buzz, 2 Zoroarks (Decidueye and Lycanroc), Buluvolt, and Metalcrozma. My only loss in the twelve games was against Empoleon. I couldn’t get out Garb, I wasn’t able to play Brigette, obviously, and I failed both the SSU’s I played. This isn’t quite as good as the weekend before UP’s release (the weekend of Dallas) when I won five tournaments and came in second in two others, but it’s nice to know that I’ve figured out how to play the game again.

    I wonder how that happens, that I can struggle so much for a period of time, and then be virtually unbeatable for another stretch of time?

    Thanks again FayId and Juan for your suggestions. Hopefully this hot streak carries over through Saturday (and dare I hope… Sunday?).

    1. I just saw that update and all I can say is I’m somewhat jelly, but mostly proud of you for taking your build into the tournaments and coming out dominate through decks big and small (might only be an 8 man tourney, but who cares: winning packs is fun). Would’ve recommended saving your packs to trade for a bit of bling for your decks, but then again you’re reading a comment from a guy that opened his last 6 packs of Ultra Prism after a successful acquisition of Glaceon GX….wanna say I regret it, but opening packs feels so relaxing.

      And FayID really came through for you when you needed it the most.. Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to take a good look at a deck that tops and seeing how you could emulate it into your own build just for your mindset alone. I do the same as well. Yes it’s called netdecking and yes it may be frowned upon by some, but personally: considering how I have a life and a job to go to throughout the week, sometimes I can’t just sit down and construct my own side project. But that doesn’t mean I copy and paste a deck and remain complacent about it: if I know I can make the deck function better for me to pilot myself, I’ll pull out my mental wrench and get to work (just as I did when I decided to introduce a new draw engine to my Delphox break deck, and it began to thrive a bit).

      Anyways, you might’ve diverged too far from Azul’s build and perhaps ran into a roadblock once the meta started to shift gears to accommodate Ultra Prism, but being the bright guy that you are, I’m positive you took to heart his advice and began to look at the blueprints once more. And now look at you: if you wanted to keep a plush toy of Team Skull Pikachu on your shelf, you probably earned the right to do so.

      There’s still some time before the event, but getting some rest is in order. Again, congratulations of your resurgence with GolisoGarb and so long as you play to your liking, you got nothing to lose. You can finally breathe a sigh of relief: you were able to get your barrings straight rather than calling it quits. And that’s just swell. Good job! :3

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