Collinsville Results

The second largest tournament in the history of Pokemon TCG has finished with Ian Robb’s Zoropod beating out Natalie Shampay’s Buzzdor.  Many thanks to Pokestats_TCG for posting these results… my usual sources Charizard Lounge and Limitless TCG have not yet got their lists out of top 32 / 64 respectfully.  Ian’s Zoropod beat Alex Hill’s Buzzroc and Natalie’s Buzzdor beat Pearce Blend’s Zororoc in the semi’s.

Top 8:

Alex Hill’s Buzzroc beat Joe Ruettiger’s Zoropod.

Natalie’s Buzzdor beat Gustavo Wada’s Volcanion.

Pearce Blend’s Zororoc beat Russell LaParre’s Zoropod.

Ian Robb’s Zoropod beat Alex Bunker’s Buzzroc.

The only thing I could find on Malmo (which was occurring just a few hours ahead of Collinsville) was that it was won by a Zoroark Weavile deck.

More updates to come as I come across more information.



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  1. Yup, looks like Dusk Mane just wasn’t perfected to make a major impact in Collinsville. And while Zoropod took first followed up by Buzzwole, it just goes to show that Zoroark GX is the dominant GX hands down. If Lele is the seeker, Zoroark is quite literally the new Mewtwo EX of days past.

    At this point people have got to tech Parallel and Sudowoodo to keep opposing Zoroark down, and Glaceon should eventually see more play as time passes, especially since Garbotoxin rotates this September. Surprisingly enough: Weavile is putting in work. Not bad!

    Again Harvey, don’t beat yourself over this weekends messes. Sometimes real life is inferior to digital and personally: I’d rather save money than to go all out just for decks that go above the triple digit marks, that involve travel, food, and hotel expenses, and the fact that you have to interact with human beings…yeah no thanks. Have no shame in being PTCGO only: you save yourself a fortune and you can still enjoy the game you love at the luxury of home.

    On an unrelated note: Pokemon GO…..I will never touch that app. Just me, but i prefer the main games for the Nintendo handhelds. And for real life card games: I prefer Cardfight Vanguard for casual matches with my brother (simple as can get).

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