Hello all – I’m here in Collinsville… Well technically my hotel’s in Troy just a little north of Collinsville.

I’ll give updates throughout the day, but if the weather is any indication of performance, Glaceon GX should do very well today as it is snowing here this morning!

Just about ready to head over to the Gateway center.  Wish us luck!


Round 1 against Psychic Toolbox similar to Keemonto’s.  TiedI won first game he got me in second one.  Good games.

Round 2 vs Tordozorovark 2 – 0 win.

Round 3 Greninja I’m 2 wins 1 draw 7 points!


Round 4 Drampador lost both games.  N gets its revenge on me.

Round 5 Glaceon GX (quad).  Game 1 I just bricked.  One of those games there was just nothing I could do.  Game 2 I horribly misplayed at the end.  I needed 2 prizes to win and I had two Guzma in hand.  I played one and promoted a Golisopod that I thought had energy on it but didn’t.  Had I promoted my Mewtwo with float I would have been able to use back to back Guzma’s to win.  Oh well couldn’t have expected to play everything perfectly today.

Round 6: Bricked again turn 1.  Literally 3 turns and I couldn’t find a single Evolution Pokemon.  Scooped when he got 5 energy on Dialga.

Game 2 was a disaster.  After 3 mulligans I forgot to put out my prize cards.

I dropped after that.  My brain just wasn’t in the right place.

I know I’m good at this game, I just hate playing IRL.  Take it as you will, but I’m done playing with cards.

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