Malmo Results

The guys at Limitless TCG are putting in the work and have published top 32 of Malmo.  Keep in mind that Malmo was about a fourth of the size as Collinsville.  This means we definitely need to give the top decks credit and respect their achievements but at the same time understand that these results don’t necessarily have the same weight as Collinsville’s.  Malmo still gives us a good look as to where the meta is headed, though, and can give us additional insight into the current state of the format.

So the top two decks were both Zoroark Weavile, slightly different lists, one carried a Break, but they were definitely Zoroark decks first and foremost.  One had a 2-2 Weavile line while the other was only 2-1.  So when we call these decks Zoroark Weavile decks, we should maybe put the (Weavile) in parentheses because it’s definitely NOT the feature of the deck.

3rd, 4th, and 5th places were all Buzzroc decks, 6th was a Ho-Oh GX deck with 17 Fire energy, and 7th and 8th were both Zoropod decks.

Zoroark (something) placed in ten of the top 17 spots.  Buzzroc placed in five of the top thirteen.

If we gave the first place deck 32 points, second place 31, third place 30 – and so on – the overall score of decks in the top 32 would be this:

buzzwolelycanroc-midnight placed 3rd, 4th, 5th, 11th, 13th, 20th, and 31st.  This equates to:


So you can see that buzzwolelycanroc-midnight did the best overall if you’re just looking at the top 32.

If you’re just looking at the top two, Zoroark Weavile is best by far.  However, even if you only look at the top nine (a Zoroark Weavile deck bubbled at 9th place), Zoroark Weavile and Buzzroc have exactly 87 points.  It was an all Zorovile finals, but Buzzroc did just as well – if not better – overall.

But clearly they are both really great archetypes.  I had tested with Zoroark Weavile and gone 5 W 5 L in a couple of different builds.  Had I spent more time on it, I probably would have figured out a better list and might have gone with this.  However, I could say that with Glaceon, Necrozma, and maybe some other UP decks as well.  It just seemed like all of the other archetypes coming out of UP, I just couldn’t really get a grip on any of them.

And this gives us a good idea of what really is “meta.”  We can pair this up with Collinsville’s top 32 when that becomes public knowledge, and then we’ll have a good idea of what our new Standard format is shaping up to be.