Oceania Internationals Championship

The Oceania International Championship has finished, and Tord Reklev has again won a major international championship tournament.  This is the third consecutive IC that he’s won in the past 7 months (NAIC in June 2017 and the European IC back in November 2017).  He is clearly the best player in the world right now.  He ran a Zoroark GX Gardevoir GX deck (hmm I’m trying to remember who posted a decklist for this back on Dec 11th). Here’s his list:

All of the Gardevark lists in the top 64 were exactly identical, they were all run by members of Tord’s team (I think it’s fair to call it Tord’s team at this point).

The Mew EX was a great call with all of the Buzzwole (five in the top eight), the Giratina not so much as there was no Greninja to be found in the top 64.  Interesting to note was that the list ran no Kirlia and completely relied upon Rare Candy to get out Gardy.  The finals was a good match and worth watching (twitch’s Pokemontcg channel has all of the videos from the whole weekend, literally a day’s worth of videos to watch), Tord won easily in round 1, Joey took advantage of Tord’s dead drawing early in game two to get a fairly easy (albeit long) win, and then Tord took game 3 for the championship.

Here’s the top 32 (thanks to LimitlessTCG for the results):

It was not a very diverse top 32…

… considering 75% of the top 32 were 4 different archetypes.  However, it was not a particularly large tournament, with only 333 Masters in attendance.  Collinsville could have three times that many players… or more.  The event is capped at 1500 people, so the number of TCG players will depend on the number of VGC players.  If it’s a large VGC turnout, there will be less TCG players, if less VGC attendance, there will be more players.  I’m not for certain on this, but it doesn’t appear to be sold out yet.

This was probably a good swansong for Gardevoir as it’s expected to fall from grace with the significant amount of Metal that becomes Standard legal this weekend at Collinsville.  I would definitely expect to see a TON of ZoroBuzzRoc at Collinsville.  I think we’re going to have a repeat of last year though – that many people will use the same decks that they used prior to UP just like last year they used the same decks they used prior to SUM coming out, but I can’t really blame people this year.  I’ve tried virtually all of the major archetypes coming out of UP, and I haven’t been able to have success with any of them, so I get why you would just play what you’ve been playing, especially if it’s working for you.  I’m not taking a UP archetype to Collinsville, but I really tried to make one of them work.  I’m sure that three months from now we’ll look back and say, “Oh this is how you make Glaceon Greninja or Metalcrozma work, if we had known then what we know now, we would have totally dominated Collinsville.”  And for those of you who have figured a UP archetype out, good for you – I’m 100% sure you’ll do well with it.

So I think there will be quite a bit of Buluvolt and Volcanion as well at Collinsville.  I would guess some Metalcrozma and Glaceon [fill in the blank].  But I am 100% certain that the most popular deck archetype will still be the hybrid combination of Buzzwole Lycanroc Zoroark.  Definitely build your decks to beat those Pokemon.


  1. Shout out to Gardevoir here: good to see that behemoth win in this tournament: good job. Of course Buzzwole/Lycanroc was going to make it to to top 8 (though that Ho-Oh/Turtonator build is surprising to see.

    Anyways, Buzzwole and Lycanroc’s reign is ridiculous. I feel as though Buzzwole himself represents the meta of years past, back when EX reigned supreme, and as you all know: EX’s were basic, and they dominated like crazy. He is no exception: he’s Landorus’s successor (Of course he’s going to wreck havoc in today’s meta).

    Regardless, decks should tech Mew, be it Mew EX, or Fates Collide Mew. If you can’t OHKO these attackers, you got to tech at least a one of to help grant some fight to go against this Juggernaut of a deck.

    Zoroark is a good reason to tech against as well. Trade is disgustingly strong and Riotous Beating is strong. Shut down abilities, Parallel City them to 3, or even do both: oppress Zoroark so that your opponent can’t pull off his strategies effectively.

    But above all else: don’t jeopardize your deck’s flow in favor of combating a certain deck. Do not make last minute changes prior to an event because you may end up in worse shape that you ever thought possible.

  2. I think where people are confused is that this *isn’t* a Gardevoir list. It is a Zoroark list. There is a reason it is called Zoroark/Gardevoir. Zoroark is your main attacker for most games while Gardevoir is there for late game clean up / discard recovery / energy acceleration. In fact, it is usually more advantageous to get Gallade set up first.

    I also think the amount of metal that is going to be at Collinsville is overstated. The decks I am expecting the most are going to be Garbotoxin decks of some sort. Most likely of the Drampa / Espeon varieties with Golisopod being a close second and Buzz being a distant 3rd.

    I also expect a lot of Tord.ZoroVoir because the world loves copying success and that was the most recent success story.

    You know what I don’t expect to see outside of the first few rounds? Dugtrio / Empoleon / Garchomp / Dusk Mane w/ Magnezone (Turbo Dusk Mane, by contrast, I expect to see some because it is just inherently more consistent).

    Anyway, for anyone who is going hope to see you at Collinsville.

    Fayld – 187/400

  3. Yeah you’re right FayId I should have titled this Zorovoir… or maybe Tordovoiroark… Tordoarkovoir? Better be careful I might have just sworn in Norwegian.

    Agree there are so many good abilities out there right now that Garbodor BKP can completely shut down. I’ve beaten two Zoroark decks today with turn 2 Garbs. Just sitting there watching them top deck cards they can’t use while I armor press away turn after turn.

    Beat one Volc last night and came really close to beating two others with Golly Garb. So we’ll see, so much of this just depends on matchups.

    Juan, like you said, Buzz is the king right now, I definitely have to make sure I can match up against him.

    1. Mmhm. For you and FayID: I’m wishing you both the best. A little early I know, but go and put in the finest of work (that experience will inspire multiple articles on here so I can imagine you taking notes during the events as well).

      Espeon Gx…probably won’t be going far. Psychic still getting the short end of the stick.

  4. I’ll be interested to see if Mew EX becoming more common as people copy Tord’s list will suppress Buzzwole. She’s an easy tech to throw into any Zoroark variant, and she just bullies Buzzwole if you get her out early or after he takes a big swing. I was playing around with a Rotom/Zoroark and had her as a tech, and with that, even in a pretty suboptimal deck, I never once lost to Buzzwole. She just cleans house.

    Though I am sad that everyone’s using the inferior CG art of her as opposed to the lovely hand drawn one.

    As to deck diversity, I think there are plenty of good untapped decks out there. It’s just hard to push too far from the dominant metagame- there are decks you -know- are good, and when you’re betting a few hundred to a few thousand dollars on the outcome, most folks aren’t going to want to go too far off the grid.

    It’s especially hard that with the internet and posted decklists, once you get too high up it’s very hard to get the jump on people. I think surprise would be -huge- if you could actually get it in one of these tournaments. People often test extensively against the metagame, and they can have a hard time at the end of a long time fighting something they’ve never fought before, especially if you’ve fought their basic build dozens of times.

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