Thoughts from this weekend

Hello all – just wanted to give you some thoughts about what I’ve encountered this weekend.

  • The game has definitely changed.  The way this game is played is different than it was a week ago today, it is definitely not the same after that update on Wednesday.
  • And yeah what was up with that?  I wish they would have posted a pop up about that on Wednesday.  A little “BTW you can now use your UP cards” would have been nice.  And making the packs available earlier would have been great too.  I didn’t play much Wednesday or Thursday, but I really felt like I lost a couple of days because I was waiting to cash in all my coins on UP packs and had to wait until Friday.
  • And cash in I did!  I had 105 locked packs and bought 36 unlocked ones as well.  Got virtually every card I needed (including 14 Garchomps – what was up with that?!?), and pulled a ton of SR’s and FA Supporters as well.  My son and I have done this for the past couple of expansions.  I save my coins for a couple of months and then we go and open a ton of packs when they become available.  And the pulls were REAL.  Definitely makes up for the lackluster pulls I got from Crimson Invasion and Burning Shadows.
  • I struggled mightily this weekend.  At my lowest point, I lost 19 out of 26 matches.  I definitely have been having trouble figuring out the new meta.
  • I was awful with Metalcrozma, going 0 W 5 L with it.  I have seen videos where people do well with this, but I haven’t had any success with it.  I am still standing by the fact that someone will figure out a really good 60 cards for this though.  Someone has a list right now that they’re probably rocking it with.  And maybe it’s just me, certainly my brain wasn’t in the right place at times this weekend.  I have had the thought of trying it with Dragon’s Wish Dragonair though because…
  • I had a lot of fun with the new Gold Rush Dugtrio this weekend.  I only went 3 W 4 L, but it can win some matches.  Another deck where I think someone is going to come up with a great 60 cards and destroy the field with this at Collinsville (OK this is where I hope I’m that guy!).  But this is what prompted me about the idea of Dragon’s Wish Dragonair.  I have no problem getting four, five, or six energy in hand with the tools we have available (I think the most I’ve gotten was seven).  Dragonair might be the way to go for Metalcrozma.  As for Dugtrio, I don’t know if it’s quite there yet, but this deck totally has the potential to be the next Night March.  Just another card or two to help get Dugtrios out (maybe like a Metal Shiinotic?) would make this deck absolutely dominant.  And it’s pretty close as it is.  This deck will win you some matches at Collinsville.
  • Ability lock is HUGE.  Whether it’s Glaceon GX, Garbodor BKP, or Greninja, you will win if you can shut down your opponent’s abilities.  And Field Blower won’t help you against Greninja and Glaceon GX.
  • There are tons of Pokemon that copy attacks that will start to see more play:
    • Zoroark Break
    • Zoroark GX
    • Mimikyu
    • Sudowudo
    • There are more too these are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head.  These will start to become valuable tech in Pokemon.  Think about using these guys.
  • Wall / stall decks will not be as effective in today’s game.  The types of attackers are so varied – it’s not all just GX Pokemon, and it’s not just the big basics or evolutions, it’s a mixture.  Most decks are well balanced.  But there are a couple of new Pokemon – Spiritomb and Araquanid – that could potentially make things more difficult.  Not sure why I’ve never thought about the previous Araquanid from SUM base set that has the same ability – this is pretty much an auto win against Volcanion, which would be great for Grass decks.
  • I played Glaceon GX some this weekend and it seemed fairly ineffective for me.  It shut down my Leles when I went against it and pretty much locked me up, but I didn’t seem to have the same success when I started Eevee up top on turn one (even when I went first).  My Greninja Glaceon deck actually became so Greninja oriented that I think I’m going to go back to trying Greninja with Zoroark GX again.
  • I played Cyrus a couple of times.  It destroys Garcario and Metalcrozma.  Most of the time, however, I found myself discarding it in favor of other cards.  I only went 1 W 2 L with Ninetales Milotic.  I think there are just too many holes in that deck.  Mr. Mime, Metal weakness, it’s a really good idea I just don’t think it’s going to work in the current meta.  But I’ll still test it some more, Cyrus TLC can be a great combo.
  • I went 4 W 2 L versus Garchomp Lucario.  It’s alright, it’s not bad, but it’s really susceptible to ability lock.
  • I went 1 W 2 L against Empoleon, but in one loss I had three Regigigas prized (I was playing Regigigas Hoopa stall) and in the other, I couldn’t find a draw supporter to save my chickens (a common theme this weekend).

Alright I’ll update later in the week, maybe post a decklist or two if I ever break .500 with one of the decks I’m playing.