What I learned from Collinsville…

So I learned three things this weekend:

  1. I am so lucky to live smack dab in the middle of Pokemon country.  I am so proud to say that I have attended the two largest Pokemon TCG events EVER!  And if Columbus is anything even close to 2000 Masters… well, all I can say is this is a GREAT time to be a Pokemon fan.  I love how the game is growing.
  2. I SUCK at this game IRL.  I am done even trying to play with cards.  I went from disliking playing with cards to absolutely hating it.  I won’t ever touch a Pokemon card again.  For those of you who like playing the card game, more power to you, I freely admit you are a better player than I am.  If you want to look down on me because I am a PTCGO player only – peace I’m good with that.  I am ok with the fact that I am terrible with cards in hand.
  3. I am very disappointed by the fact that my son only got to play 5 matches.  He played VGC Seniors and was done at like 1 PM.  That was a big part of why I dropped out after 6 rounds – a big part also was the fact that I had come to grip with the fact that I SUCK IRL, but it was really disappointing to him and to me that he played so little Pokemon.  I just don’t understand why they couldn’t have played more rounds.

That’s it, that’s all I have to say other than that building’s NOT going to be big enough next year – it wasn’t big enough this year.  So glad to see the game growing, and crowd sizes are only going to get bigger.  Can’t wait until we have three or four thousand player events – and I mean that sincerely and honestly.  I love to see the game grow like this!