What the heck is our meta now?

Alright again thanks to the good people at Limitless TCG  we now have Collinsville as well as Malmo results.  We can now put together a good look at what our meta is … or can we?

So here’s the same stratification for Collinsville that I did for Malmo (1st place is worth 64 points, 2nd 63 on down to 64th place which is worth 1 point):

Zoropod placed in 6 of the top 13, 3 in the top 8.  It was the second best performing deck at Malmo as well, so we know that’s meta.

Buzzroc was the best at Malmo and second best here.  It placed two in the top 8 and 3 in the top 12 at Collinsville.

Those two decks are pretty much head and shoulders above everything else right now.  You want to go climb the ladder or win some PTCGO tournaments?  Run one of those two decks.

So there’s your Tier One.  What about 1A?  It’s not really fair to a lot of these other decks to call them Tier 2, but I definitely can’t put them in the same class as Zoropod and Buzzroc.  But here’s what I think are in the next level, just a little bit below the top two:

  • Zoroark Lycanroc
  • Buzzwole Garbodor
  • Zoroark (Weavile)

Again, I wouldn’t call those Tier 2.  I’d call them Tier 1.5.  Feel free to disagree with me and comment below.  Our meta is definitely NOT clear cut at this point.  The only thing that’s clear cut are the top two decks, and even those I can’t tell you which one is clearly better.

Here’s what I’d put in Tier 2:

  • Buluvolt
  • Ho-Oh Kiawe
  • Tordozorovoir

Those are the three to me that really stick out as being good but not great.  Again, you want to group them in with the three I put in Tier 1.5, peace, I’ve got no truck with that.  You want to put some of the other decks in Tier 2?  Sure no problem.  It’s still pretty murky beyond the top two.

I had hoped that we’d get more clarity, but there were 25 different archetypes in the top 64 at Collinsville and 13 different archetypes in the top 32 at Malmo.  And that’s a good thing, I’m glad there are a number of good decks running around that are competitive.  The state of the game is very healthy today, and that shows in the huge numbers of players showing up at tournaments.  Pokemon TCG is doing better than it ever has before, and it’s only going to continue to grow!  It’s a great time to be a Pokemon player.