Discount Deck: Trevenant/Garbodor

When Guardians Rising initially came out, it appeared that Trevenant/Garbodor would make a nice pair for each other. And while a few people looked at the two, Garbodor pretty much went off on it’s own. Well I think it’s time to get the band back together.

There’s not really much to this deck in terms of playing. Trevenant goes first, and hopefully your tree is doing more than just throwing apples. Then Garbodor mops up in the end when they’ve used up their item cards stopping Trevenant.

You’ll notice the lack of draw supporters in this deck (No Lele, Octillery, Oranguru, etc.) And that’s because we’re playing Garbotoxin which shuts off abilities. This should give an added synergy to the deck, because your opponent won’t be able to use the draw supporters and other abilities to power their Pokemon and hence may turn to using more item cards. With 6 tools in the deck you’ll be able to get that lock early and keep it when field blower comes ’round.

And while Garbotoxin hurts our ability to draw as well, we use Mimikyu as extra draw/sneaky attacker. Speaking of extra draw, this is one deck where you want to play N. Early in the game, it’ll put cards in your opponent’s hand which helps Trev! Later in the game, it can hurt your opponent, ESPECIALLY under ability lock.

Given the current meta, this deck does relatively well. Any deck you can play Garbotoxin is a boon, considering how ability-dependent decks are. And while I wouldn’t bust it out for a tournament, playing it to win grass/psychic challenges or just as a change of pace for grinding on PTCGO is just fine. It’s a good deck for an unsuspecting opponent.