February 2018 Stats

Hello all – well, we made it through the first month of Ultra Prism, and here are my stats for you.  I started over with February since it’s not really fair to compare Feb. numbers to September numbers since the meta has changed so much!  Just to give you a little bit of a comparison, here are the most common Pokemon I came across back in September:

And here are the most common Pokemon this month:

And here’s how they did against me in February:

Boy was I wrong about Dialga!  And although Hoopa looks like it dominated me, I think there were a lot of times when the Hoopster went straight from hand to discard considering I ran Greninja or Garbodor BKP a total of 105 times in February.

Overall, I went 146 W 122 L 54% this month.  My best decks were:

  • Golisopod Garbodor BKP (version 2.5) 13 W 4 L 76%
  • Silvally GX Zoroark GX 19 W 6 L 76%
  • Golisopod Garbodor BKP (version 2.4) 26 W 11 L 70%
  • Greninja Break 9 W 4 L 69%

Against meta decks I went 39 W 49 L 44%.  My best decks:

  • Golisodor 2.5 7 W 0 L 100%
  • Silvally GX Zoroark GX 5 W 2 L 71%

Overall:Vs. Meta Decks ONLY



Vs. Meta Decks:


90% of the decks I faced ran at least 1 Pokemon with an ability.  I won 68% of the time against decks that did not field a Pokemon with an ability.


Only 13% of the decks I faced ran hammers.  I won 56% of the time against decks that ran hammers, 54% against decks that didn’t.

Big Picture Points

Here are my takeaways from the first month post UP:

  • We (and definitely I am included in this group) significantly overrated the potency of Pokemon in this set.  There’s a reason I was struggling so much at the beginning of the month to get a UP decklist that could break .500.
  • At my lowest point this month, I dropped below 40% win pct.  I ended up finishing 54%.  At one point I went 18 W 3 L.  If you’re having a bad streak, if you’re struggling, sometimes just keep fighting through it, sometimes rethink the way you’re doing things.  I blew up my Golisodor deck a little bit (pulled GRI Garb and Rainbow energy) and wound up taking that to Collinsville – it was my best deck by far!
  • Silvally GX is REALLY good – go try my list from the other day if you don’t believe me.
  • The biggest factor in whether I win or lose is whether my opponent is running a meta deck or not.

Alright hope this gives you all something to think about!


  1. Personally, I haven’t done much in the way of battling online as of late (internet troubles earlier last month kinda shaved off a lot of my play, which caused me to look at my Cardfight Vanguard hobby again). Been pretty good.

    Anyways, I will say this: at one point I lose 5 or 6 games upon resuming PTCGO and this was with Raichu GX and another deck of mines. Why? Well guess who started getting some love: Weavile.

    Granted, Weavile can snowball out of control if you don’t know what you’re doing. However, two decks that have so far done well for me on the casual side of things were Garchomp and Baby Golisopod/Lurantis, with the latter taking down a Ho-Oh deck. As for Garchomp: those Weavile and Zoroark all got done in, in part, because of a tech I included in my build: Breakpoint’s Garchomp.

    With the fighting Chomp in my build, I had a way of accelerating my energy onto the bench, while dealing with the pesky dark types out there. at 60 damage, Garchomp wrecks non-Gx pokemon that are weak to him, and Bite Off, while being ineffective against most decks today, destroys Zoroark GX with just 1 Choice Band attached. Harvey I would look at Darkintegral’s Garchomp/Lucario list and proceed to swap out one Dragon Chomp in favor of the more threatening looking artwork of the other Garchomp. Perhaps that’s the Ultra Prism deck you might have more success with. Then again I only play about 2 games a night nowadays so I can’t say that gives any good indication of a deck’s viability.

    So what can I say about Ultra Prism…I’m happy for Garchomp. Glad to see Weavile see some play (even though I haven’t used it yet), I have not touched Empoleon but it has promise. Dusk Mane is currently afflicted with the Magnezone Curse in that it just doesn’t work as well, but the Solgaleo Prism way is alright. Dugtrio is neat, but the excess clicking of my mouse isn’t fun. As for everyone else…not a lot of Leafeon decks out (and he’s good enough as his own deck, alongside Lurantis). Glaceon is iffy but doable…but so far it’s been a solid, enduring meta with Buzzwole and Zoroark.

    This May is certainly going to be hyped up again, given that Forbidden Light introduces a good amount of cards that are going to further alter the meta itself, so if Ultra Prism doesn’t do the trick, this next one just might. Greninja’s getting buffed at the cost of altering the playstyle of the deck, the Zygarde’s we are getting are very interesting (especially the 50 percent form: in conjunction with Diancie, Carbink, Drampa, and a bunch of other tools. This Zygarde might be a strong budget deck indeed).

    Ultra Necrozma is certainly a beast in of itself, Xerneas and Yveltal however…not so much, but viable. Pyroar looks to be fun (interestingly enough someone mentioned pairing him with Xerneas break to have Pyroar act as a pseudo ancient trait Regirock).

    Other than that, who knows…what is bugging me however, is the next couple of Dragon GX’s we’re getting: the attack costs are not too promising. Articuno GX on the other hand….beautiful.

  2. You’ll have to share your Garchomp list if you’re having success with it… Although I will say that it’s been beating me lately but I’ve been playing with a lot of Stage 2 decks ( well struggling with a lot of Stage 2 decks… But that’s an article for later in the week).
    Evil Weavile is pretty good. It’s not tier 1 but it’ll win more than it loses.
    We’ll see about Forbidden Light but I’m going to be extra critical since I probably wasn’t tough enough on UP.

    1. I’ll share the list shortly, but I feel that with the advent of Glaceon and Garbotoxin’s resurgence, it does get complicated doesn’t it. Doesn’t help that decks like Buzzwole just smack into things for easy one shots with a Jet Punch so there’s that.

      On that last part, I must say this: it isn’t so much that you weren’t tough enough on the set, it’s just that most of us were enamored with the new cards we were getting, that we forgot to take into account just how unbelievably strong the cards we got during our previous sets really were going to be in the meta to come. I’ve always seen Sun and Moon as this welcoming set for the GX era, where the card designers were probably testing the waters. Guardian’s rising and Burning Shadows however….oh my god were these sets so good. Crimson Invasion might not have been the best, but Buzzwole made it clear he was the main one everyone had to have their eyes on from that set. As from Ultra Prism…aside from Cynthia, nothing else is concrete just yet. What we need in future sets to really give this set some shine is support, like a Korrina for stage 2’s or battle compressor, or even just more stadiums that give players more flexibility in setting up their boards.

      Forbidden light should not be doubted at all. We might not get a whole lot of viable cards, but the cards we will be getting are incredibly powerful. Diancie Prism is a good example of this and Ultra Necrozma/Malamar will go off more smoothly than Dusk Mane/Magnezone, since Magnezone being a stage 2 with less support just doesn’t work as often.

      But ultimately, everything is a checks and balance type of way in the game. Best Deck In the Format is a title not meant to last forever. Once a deck drops, another comes up. That is the way of TCG’s.

    2. ****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ******

      ##Pokémon – 17

      * 1 Oranguru SUM 113
      * 1 Gible UPR 97
      * 3 Gible UPR 96
      * 3 Gabite UPR 98
      * 3 Garchomp UPR 99
      * 2 Riolu UPR 66
      * 2 Lucario UPR 67
      * 1 Garchomp BKP 70
      * 1 Tapu Lele-GX GRI 137

      ##Trainer Cards – 33

      * 3 Professor Sycamore STS 114
      * 2 N FCO 105
      * 1 Super Rod DRV 20
      * 1 Lillie SUM 147
      * 2 Evosoda GEN 62
      * 1 Town Map BKT 150
      * 3 Choice Band GRI 121
      * 1 Pal Pad UPR 132
      * 1 Devoured Field CIN 93
      * 4 Ultra Ball SUM 135
      * 1 Special Charge STS 105
      * 4 Cynthia UPR 119
      * 3 Float Stone BKT 137
      * 1 Field Blower GRI 125
      * 1 Energy Loto GRI 122
      * 2 Nest Ball SUM 123
      * 2 Rare Candy SUM 129

      ##Energy – 10

      * 4 Double Colorless Energy SUM 136
      * 6 Fighting Energy BLW 110

      Total Cards – 60

      ****** Deck List Generated by the Pokémon TCG Online http://www.pokemon.com/TCGO ******

      Here’s the list. As I said it’s only a modified version of his deck. The goal I have for this deck late spring is to make it a more budget friendly build with the Fighting line of Garchomp appearing next set, which isn’t hard to pull off at all. For now the deck has won all 4 matches that it has under it’s belt so adding the Bite Off Garchomp probably did help it a bit.

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