March Data Analysis

Hello all – here are my stats for YTD post UP and March:

I had a bit of a rough month in March.  I went 152 W 156 L overall in the month of March.  I faced meta decks only 28% of the time too, which makes that sub .500 number even more disparaging.  YTD post UP I am 298 W 278 L (52% win pct).  My best decks in March:

  • Sylveon GX 6 W 0 L 100% (you can bet there’s an article coming on this soon)
  • Necrozma Solgaleo Prism Mew variants 29 W 12 L 71%
  • Buzzodor 29 W 14 L 67%

YTD best decks against the meta:

  • Golisodor 7 W 0 L (this is the version I took to Collinsville)
  • Sylveon GX 6 W 0 L (yes all six matches I played were against meta decks)
  • Silvally Zoroark 5 W 2 L

Here are the most common Pokemon I came across:

Big picture takeaways here:

  • Zoroark GX was a little less common in March
  • Saw even more Garcario in March than in February
  • Still a ton of Buzzwole
  • A little less Octillery
  • Garbodor BKP about the same … this is important to keep in mind – there’s a huge Garbodor BKP stat coming up in a second that will make you think twice about it
  • Dawn Wings Necrozma really showed up a lot more in March – I’ll admit I totally missed the boat on Psychic Keldeo – shout out to my Pojo colleagues for correctly rating this Pokemon as highly as they did
  • Saw a lot more Gold Rush Dugtrio – that also will be important to note in a minute
  • A lot more Mew EX and Mr. Mime too
  • A lot less Empoleon, Turtonator GX, Buluvolt, and Dusk Mane Necrozma

And how Pokemon did against me:
Big picture takeaways from this:

  • Espeon GX is back and it is meta again.  Amazing how it rebounded in March.
  • Volcanion archetypes are really good too.
  • Dawn Wings Necrozma GX decks are 12 W 3 L against me.
  • Alolan Dugtrio is a deck that I wrote off… but it deserves to be revisited.
  • Zoroark GX beats me almost 3 out of every 5 times I play it.
  • I beat Garbodor BKP decks about 57% of the time.  Is Garb BKP losing some of its dominance?  In the analysis I did last weekend, it clearly showed that while Garbotoxin can get you into the top 64, it was much less likely to break top 8.
  • Magnezone is NOT the best Dusk Mane build.

SPE overall

57% of decks ran SPE in February, 64% in March.

In March, I did about as well against SPE deck as Basic energy only decks.

SPE Meta

67% of decks ran SPE in Feb, 75% in March.
I actually did much worse (33% v 41%) against decks that ran Basic only in March than decks that ran SPE.
Meta decks than ran Basic only beat me two thirds of the time.

Advantage Overall

Weird: in March when neither had advantage, I won the least only 40%.
When I have advantage, I win 3 out of 5 times.
Opp had advantage 43% of the time in March.

Advantage Meta

My opponent had advantage half of the time when I faced meta decks in March.

Other stats

  • If my opp has advantage AND runs BASIC energy only, he beats me 80% of the time in March.
  • 94% of decks overall had abilities in March; 98% of meta decks (no point in analyzing decks that don’t play Ability Pokemon).
  • Only 10% of decks run Hammers – 7% of meta decks.