Necrozma Looker Update

Hello all – well, I tweaked the deck a little bit and won six more games tonight.  My victims included:

  • Salazzle Poliwrath (Okay even I’ll admit that shouldn’t count)
  • Zoroark Lycanroc
  • Garcario
  • Magnezone Registeel (had to be very frustrating to see me accelerate eight energy in the first two turns compared to his three)
  • Grampa (he wasn’t able to get ability lock up early)
  • Greninja (he bricked after getting out three Greninja, never got any Breaks out)

So I will 100% agree that this has not been against top flight competition, but I don’t know that I’ve EVER gone 15 W 1 L to start a deck.  Here’s my list with the minor changes:

Really wish I’d discovered this before Collinsville. If only I had a time machine….

Well, I was right when I said somebody was going to come up with a really good Metalcrozma decklist. I was wrong when I didn’t think it would be me.