The Best Necrozma Build?

So I gotta be honest here: I pretty much stumbled into this build.  Yes, much like penicillin and the microwave, I didn’t sit down and say, “Huh.  I bet I can stream Max Elixirs over and over again with Oranguru’s Resource Management,” when I was initially testing Metalcrozma back on the first weekend in February.  No, it wasn’t until last week when I emailed a reply to Otaku and then said, “Hey by the way if we need cards to review, let’s do Oranguru because my buddy Mike’s got this really cool stall deck….”

I knew Mike’s Oranguru / Looker / Raichu was a natural, but it actually took me awhile to put it together with DM Necrozma GX.  I actually spent a big part of last weekend going over what will be posted on Friday – a Pokemon that I think we’ve all completely missed the boat on – but at one point I had a match against a Metalcrozma deck and something just clicked.

What’s the single, most desirable card that you would just love to play once, twice, or even three times a turn?

Max Elixir.

Omnipoke asked Tord Reklev in an interview a couple days ago, “Is there any one card in Standard you would like to see banned?”  Tord’s instant reply was, “Max Elixir.”  I’ve written a couple of times that I really believe that Pokemon got this card completely backwards, and that it should have been designed to attach to evolution Pokemon and not to Basics.  It has given Basic Pokemon even more of an advantage and pretty much singlehandedly eliminated Stage 2 Pokemon from the relevant meta today.

But sometimes that’s just the way the brain works – in hindsight, Oranguru’s Resource Management / Looker / Max Elixirs / DM Necrozma is CLEARLY a REALLY good idea.  I went 9 W 1 L with this decklist:

What really makes the deck work, however, is all those Mews.  FayID showed me the strategy with Metalcrozma – Metalcrozma wants to fall behind – it wants you to KO the first Pokemon – and Mew is pretty easy to KO.  Then you swoop in and use the GX attack to take out whatever hit the Mew, and you’re still set up to OHKO whatever your opponent serves up next.

But that’s the beauty of the deck – if your opponent brings up something insignificant to try and stall, you can just use Radiant Star or Resource Management to continue piling energy on your Mews.  That’s the other key – use Mew first and then bring in Solgaleo Prism and Big Daddy Dusk Mane.  The Mews are versatile and allow for flexibility.  And if your opponent wants to stall – cool – because you can accelerate energy faster than he can GUARANTEED.  Nothing accelerates energy like this build.  I’m seriously going to try it with Xerneas Break next.  Maybe M Mewtwo EX (you know, if you use Leafeon’s Grand Bloom, you don’t need Spirit Links….).

I definitely don’t think that this is the optimal decklist.  I would probably cut two Oranguru, maybe 1 Big Daddy DM, add a Dialga, maybe a Magearna EX, Coballion… I didn’t track every card I played like I normally would have when I’m all out testing.  Like I said, I stumbled into this build, I didn’t know that it would work as well as it did when I first threw the deck together.

And I’ll freely admit I didn’t go up against top tier opponents – I only played one meta deck – Volcanion – but I beat that deck.  My one loss was against Garchomp – it’s Quick Dive attack can totally snipe the Mews – but I actually would have won had I not misplayed on the last turn of the game.  And one of my victories was against another Garchomp deck.

But having said that, I don’t know that I’d want to go up again against Volc or Chompcario.  Normally I love seeing Luc and Garch, but not with this deck.  Not with all of these Mews.  I would also bet that Garbodor BKP would be tough for this deck, but you can still use the Radiant Star, and I’d definitely tech in a couple Field Blowers… which you can always recycle with Resource Management, so maybe Garbotoxin won’t be such a pain for this deck after all.

Anyways, highly recommend this – let me know what improvements you see.


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  1. i like it. i will need to build this to see how it goes. it can’t possibly go worse than collinsville did for me right? LOL!!!!

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