Glaceon Greninja

So I’ve been monkeying with this archetype since it came out almost three months ago, and I still just can’t get it to work.  I went 11 W 9 L with this deck (4 W 3 L vs. Meta decks):

I know this probably isn’t the optimal list, there are a ton of wasted cards in this deck.  Maybe you can refine it and make it better.  I definitely would change out some of the Skyla for an N and a Sycamore, maybe cut a Break, probably cut a DCE or two.  It’s just hard because it seems like there’s synergy in this deck, but it’s like you’re trying to be two different archetypes.  Kind of like quarterbacks in football and goalies in soccer, if you have two, that means you really have none.

I will definitely say that it might have fared better had I been able to go first and get Eevee and a Water energy a little more often.  The dream start only occurred 5 times in the twenty matches.  There was also only one time when I had the turn 1 lock going second.  Fourteen of the twenty times I started Froakie or Lele.  I’m sure that if I had gotten the dream scenario, I would have done somewhat better: I went 4 W 1 L when I went first and had turn 1 lock and also won the one game when I went second and had turn 1 lock.

But good luck to you if you do try this, hopefully you’ll start Eevee more than I did.