Looking at Yourself Objectively

So about the only thing I remember from a Psychology class I took many many years ago the first time I went to college was this: you can’t objectively analyze yourself.  I don’t know that I 100% agree with this, but it definitely has at least some truth to it.  I wanted to find a way to evaluate my play in Pokemon objectively – or at least as objectively as I possibly can.  Therefore, about a month ago I started recording some of my games and then watching them again after I played so I could learn from my mistakes.  I also started categorizing my mistakes so I could determine what mistakes I made most frequently.  Here’s the list of all the mistakes I made and how many times I made them:

So there’s a lot here to take in. Here’s my summary of what I’m taking away from this:

  1. Clearly my biggest problem is putting energy on the wrong Pokemon.  I really need to be careful about what I attach to.  That’s my biggest issue … yours might be something else, but I know that I need to fix this.
  2. Incorrect card selection (open deck): this is choosing the correct cards off of Mallow or Magical Ribbon.  Again, something I need to be cognizant of, but there are a couple of subpoints here:
    1. I’m playing a ton of Sylveon right now, so that might distort this category.
    2. Choosing cards off Magical Ribbon involves seeing the future to a limited extent, so it’s always going to be a little rough.  But there were definitely times when I would grab a Flare Grunt when I already had one in hand or would forget to grab an Energy when I didn’t have one in hand.
  3. Promoted incorrect Pokemon from the bench – pretty self explanatory, I think I just need to take an extra second after one of my Pokemon gets KO’d and ask myself if I’m sure that this is the Pokemon I want to promote.  Measure twice, cut once.
  4. Benched a Pokemon I shouldn’t have – I did this last night, I benched a Mew when I knew my opponent had a Sneasal on his bench.  I should have bypassed Mew and not put it down.
  5. Forgot to play a card … why do you think Homer Simpson is the featured image for this article?

There are a lot of 1 or 2 of’s that I couldn’t combine into a category.  I’m not as worried about those, the little ones.  For me, the main focus is being careful with attaching and taking that extra moment in between turns to promote a Pokemon.  You don’t have to promote instantly, you can think about it for a second.

But those are my issues – yours might be different.  I’d highly recommend taking some time to track the mistakes you make and seeing what mistakes you make most frequently.  Good luck, I hope it helps you improve your game!