Metalcrozma… with a Twist

I had tons of success with the Mew (FAC 29) Dusk Mane Necrozma GX deck I published back on March 15th.  What I noticed was that I never updated it to my current build, which actually takes out the Orangurus and Lookers:

I have gone 6 W 4 L with this decklist, which is a little odd to me because I feel this build is better than with the Orangurus and the Lookers.  However, before attempting to revamp this list, I decided to try out a version with Bastiodon (UP 85).  I hadn’t ever really given it a chance, and I figured I’d give it a shot in this Metalcrozma build:

I went 12 W 8 L with this version.  I went 9 W 5 L against decks with SPE and 3 W 3 L against decks without SPE.  I went 9 W 4 L against non meta decks and 3 W 4 L against meta decks.  If I had the advantage, I went 6 W 3 L; if neither of us had the advantage, I went 4 W 2 L.  When my opponent had the advantage, I went 2 W 3 L.

I will say I had some difficulty always getting Bastiodon out.  I didn’t run any Order Pads or Evosoda or Rare Candy.  There were some games, though, that when I did get it out, my opponent simply conceded.  There were other games as well that Unidentified Fossil kind of served as a decoy, and my opponent played Guzma to try to KO that before Bastiodon came online.  I will say that if I wanted to commit more resources to developing Bastiodon I could, but then I would really have to take away from more key areas of the main decklist.

Overall, I would say that Bastiodon really isn’t worth it.  It doesn’t do anything to stop Fire decks.  It didn’t really help my win percentage, and it takes too many cards to get it to work consistently, cards that you need in other areas of the archetype to make it as successful as possible.  Moreover, only 61% of the time, my opponents are playing SPE in April.   If that number were higher, it would be tougher to remove Bastiodon from the archetype, but right now I would just say that Bastiodon would be a pass.

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  1. I wonder if you’ll be looking to try Dusk Mane in conjugation with Naganadel GX (Aurabomb did a preliminary deck profile on it and it does seem promising).

    As for right now: Having Registeel could help with early game acceleration. A variant with Silvally GX offers diversity with his attacks and a form of retreat. But other than that, Dusk Mane is reaching his fullest potential, tho Ultra Necrozma is going to be insane.

    As a side note: Espeon Garbodor…the tournament winning decklist by Xander Pero, that variant is fairly strong. Once it gets going in it’s oppression, the opponent is put in a real tight spot. Bulu/Vikavolt a strong one at this time, and my Hoopa/Zoro deck does it’s thing in the darkness challenge.

    Two more weeks til Forbidden Light.

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