Zorovile – Don’t Forget About This Dynamic Duo

I’ve gone 8 W 2 L with this deck, and the two losses were both razor thin games that I would have won if my opponent didn’t edge me out one turn earlier.  What’s really impressive is that I’ve only had the advantage once in those ten matches (opponent has had the advantage seven times), half of the decks I faced were meta decks (ALL WINS 5 W 0 L vs meta), and I even beat THREE Buzzwole decks.  The only decks I lost to were Empoleon Glaceon GX and Gardevoir.  And like I said, just a little more good luck and I am 10 – 0.

It’s not a surprise that this deck is very good though.  Many times Weavile is hitting for 150 or 200.  Baby Zoroark frequently hits for 100+ as well.  I also used Trickster GX more than I thought I would – I actually really try to get two Dark energy on a Zoroark GX.  There are so many good attacks out there that you can copy.  I didn’t use Foul Play as much just because it’s so much harder to get to the Break, but I did use it a few times.

But yeah give this a try if you have a Dark type challenge on PTCGO, and don’t be afraid to let Weavile and baby Zoroark come out and be the focus attackers of the deck.