Ultra Necrozma GX Malamar

Hello Dear Readers – I just realized that I never got a chance to post my Ultra Necrozma Malamar list that I have done extremely well with:

I am 21 W 5 L with this decklist (even better than Sylveon!).  I am 5 W 2 L against meta decks.  I haven’t faced any Buzzwole GX, but I think that’s because people know this deck always runs at least one if not two Mew, and Mew just needs a single Psychic attachment to OHKO Buzz.  My losses were against Zoroark GX Lycanroc GX and Lapras GX (which I know might not be meta but this particular build was really good and I’m starting to buy into those who believe that the water box decks might be back).

So there aren’t really any tricks here: get Psychic energy in the discard, get a couple Necrozmas on the bench, add in a Dawn Wings for Invasion, and you’ve got yourself perhaps the biggest baddest deck the format has seen since Night March.

And the deck flows – I rarely have Greninja hands, and I really only need the one Lele – and there isn’t room for more than one on the bench either.  If there’s one weakness of this deck, it’s that you’ve got to fill up that bench.

I do think that I’ll drop the Lunala as I never use it, maybe throw in a stretcher in its place, but other than that this is a really good archetype that will win you a bunch of games – IRL or online.

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  1. From the looks of things, Pokedeck Central still has some fight left in em XD And without a doubt Malamar has done its magic in the format. I’ve been looking at some of the results from the tournaments coming out during this time, and it’s crazy to see how Ultra Necrozma managed to live up to the hype, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    I’ve played the Greninja/Latios build for a handful of games, and all I can say is that Greninja break players won’t feel lonely post rotation: the GX variant does its job.

    Then the tools Buzzwole got also lived up to the hype as well. Diancie Prism, Beast Ring, and not-so-baby Buzzwole wrecks things alongside the GX variant.

    But back to Malamar, and your Ultra Necrozma Variant: the thing that I took away from the Malamar was that I knew it would work with this Necrozma, as well as the one we first got back in Burning Shadows. And Dawn Wings…my goodness. What were once support Mons, the base Necrozma and it’s bat variant went on to become their own deck, and arguably the all psychic variant is better in that you don’t has to worry about whiffing on the right attachment. Furthermore, Dawn WIng’s GX attack is seeing way more play now: the fact that it can potentially stop your opponent in it’s tracks is incredible now that proper setup is in place. Only thing that seems a bit weird is the Marshadow I found in Sam Chen’s variant, but I can get behind it. And the Sudowoodo definitely helps against the mirror match too, so maybe consider the parallel stadium or Sudowoodo to replace the Lunala Prism that you have right now.

    As for other decks in general: Naganadel and Zygarde GX aren’t seeing a whole lot of play, and what I’ve found with Garchomp is that the lack of Guzma hurts it pretty badly….almost feels like Lycanroc should be included to help with that setback. They are not bad decks by no means, but rather they need to see more play in order to judge them more appropriately.

    In the budget side of things, the Alolan deck looks fun. Problem is that the Marowak variant just doesn’t hit the right numbers it needs to hit. And in order for it to do just that, Alolan Sandslash might be needed to help add an extra 20 damage, while at the very least substituting for Oranguru as well (Post rotation might treat it kindly, given that Parallel city rotates out). But yeah… if it was 30 for each Alolan pokemon in play it would have been impressive without a doubt.

    The non-GX Zygardes look very interesting as well, and should really be tried out as well. The one with Glare and Calm Strike has a solid 130 hp and the attacks aren’t terrible in the slightest. Being able to paralyze with a DCE or hit for 170 with Choice and Diancie really does look nice on paper.

    Then the doggie variant with Peace Maker…Given that UB’s are seeing more and more play, this Zydog (while lacking the ability to hit for weakness) can begin smacking things for upwards of 130 with Strong Energy, Choice Band, and Diancie TURN ONE, and he does not have to hit an Ultra Beast for him to do that much damage: as long as the opponent has an Ultra Beast on the bench, Zygarde heavily wounds whatever it sets its sights on, and partnering it up with Buzzwole means you could easily begin to snip things into range as well (add in Fates Collide Mew and you will send psychic weak mons to the Shadow Realm). Do I feel bad that the middle form Zygarde isn’t seeing its own deck? Somewhat, but understandable. Do I feel that people should underestimate or overlook the doggy form? Absolutely not. It might need to be looked at real soon, given what we have seen go down so far in the Merry Month of May.

    On a peculiar note: Xerneas. Rainbow Road and the Break variant have been found in regionals, with some pretty interesting new cards included in some of them (such as Arceus Prism, Diantha, and even the GX). Xerneas still has life left in him before rotation, and I’m proud to see it so.

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