May 2018 Statistical Analysis

It’s that time again, time to review the data I collect from my matches over the course of the month of May.  I’ve got a lot of really good info here, hopefully you can take something away from this analysis that will help make you a better player.

As always, this is from my experience and may vary from yours.  This is data collected from 247 games played during the month of May on PTCGO in the Standard format.

Wins and Losses
Not much difference between meta and non meta decks, usually the disparity is much larger than that.  I only saw meta decks 30% of the time, but it’s difficult to judge what exactly the meta is right now (although we should have a good definition after the three Standard tournaments this weekend).

Weakness and SPE
So the biggest thing to notice here is that in three quarters of the games I play, weakness isn’t a factor.  My opponents are weak to me a little more than I am to them (I didn’t play much Fighting though).  It’s a little bit odd that I win more when neither of us has the weakness disadvantage.  I only win 58% of the time when my opponent is running a deck that is weak to mine.  When I have weakness, however, I only win 21% of the time.

As far as SPE goes, I see it 56% of the time.  I win a little bit more against decks with SPE.


I watch a lot of Pokemon videos, and I always shake my head a little bit when the person recording the video starts the game and looks at the different types and tries to guess what deck they are getting matched up against.  Of far more importance is the information that almost no one ever mentions: who has the advantage.

Although it’s not significantly different on paper this month, historically, when I see that my opponent has the advantage and he’s playing a meta deck, I know I’m in for a tough match.  When I see that I have the advantage and my opponent is playing something maybe a bit further off the beaten path, I know that it’s probably going to be an easier game.  And these are generalities and don’t really change how I play, I personally just don’t like looking at colors and trying to guess.  That to me seems to be a waste of brain power – I’d much rather take those few moments to size up my opponent and make sure I know what my starting strategy is coming out of the coin flip.


I destroyed decks where Dragons were the featured Pokemon, and I did really well against Grass, Fire, and Fairy decks as well.  I struggled a little bit against Fighting decks and had the most difficulty with Psychic, Metal, and Lightning decks.  I saw Fighting decks most often (no surprise) and came across very few Lightning, Fire, and Colorless decks.  Therefore, you should be pretty safe running Grass, Metal, and Lightning weak decks.  You probably want to avoid running decks that are weak to Fighting, Water, Metal, and Psychic.

Most Common Pokemon

How Pokemon Did Against Me