May and June Statistical Analysis

Hello all – end of the month so time again to report on the data I’ve collected since the beginning of May.  As always, all matches played on the Versus Ladder in the Standard format on PTCGO.

Here’s how I’ve done overall in the past two months:

I did much better against meta decks than non meta decks in June, but that’s probably due to the fact that I went on a stretch for about a week where I was playing decks that were specifically designed to counter Squids and Buzz.  Plus, my Zygarde 72 deck just eats meta decks alive.  It is 13 W 5 L against meta decks.  It is the best archetype nobody is talking about.  I’d put it up against any major deck right now.  If I were going to Columbus (and sorry I’m not because it’s only two hours up the road from me), I’d be playing Zygarde 72.

I did really well against Squids in June.  Meta decks are consistently running SPE 65% of the time… and this is expected.  Zoroark runs DCE, Buzzwole runs Strong, Squids don’t run any SPE.

As always, the most important part of that opening screen when you start a game.  Don’t look at the colors, that’s just going to lead you thinking the wrong way.  Look at whether or not you have the advantage.  If your opponent has the advantage and he’s playing a meta deck, you’re in for a tough match.  If you have the advantage, it’s not a guarantee, but it’s most likely your opponent will make mistakes you can exploit.

Here’s how Pokemon have done against me since FLI dropped:

So there’s something to be said about Greninja, Ho-Oh EX, and Solgaleo GX.  These Pokemon have beaten me a lot.  Compare to Buzzwole, Zoroark, and Malamar which are all hovering around 42%, 43%, 44%.  You wanna take a chance at Columbus?  I already mentioned Zygarde 72, but if you think I completely crazy about that look at Ho-Oh EX Volcanion EX and Solgaleo GX.  I haven’t played a Volcanion deck in awhile, but Solgaleo GX for me has gone 19 W 6 L overall and 5 W 1 L against meta decks since FLI.  If I weren’t so confident in Zygarde 72, Solgaleo GX would be my second choice for Columbus.

And here’s how decks have done against me just in June:

Look at for Espeon GX too at Columbus.  That deck annoyingly never goes away.  I would not recommend playing Sylveon.  I tried that last year at NAIC and went 4-5-0.  But I went 8 W 4 L with it in June.  It’s problem is that there are just too many ways for decks to get energy out of their discard and back into play.

And an overall count of how often I’ve seen Pokemon since FLI:

Personally, I don’t understand why people are still playing Zoroark GX so much.  As Andrew Mahone says, “If there’s a Pokemon out there that can bring Zoroark up from the bench and KO it for two prizes, it’s Lycanroc GX.”  And Jack from Omnipoke was expressing his thoughts that Lycanroc GX was the single best Pokemon in the game today… but I’m 23 W 13 L against Lycanroc just in June.  Octillery will actually be supplanted by Zebstrika (whenever that comes out … more on that at some point this week).