Statistical Analysis of Standard Format Tournaments between May 19 and June 3

Thanks again to the good people at Limiless.tcg, it’s time to crunch some numbers again guys!  There have been eight tournaments since FLI became Standard Legal, and I have compiled the data from six of those eight tournaments (Regional Subang Jaya – no lists available; Russia Nationals – not completely in line with Standard format).

In case you haven’t seen the analysis I did a little more than a month ago, this is basically a summary of all the cards and decks that were played in Standard format tournaments since May 19.  I have also included comparisons to the previous analysis.  I know that analysis isn’t perfect – there were a few Standard tournaments after April 14 that I missed because I just didn’t have enough time to compile them.

Alright that being said, on to the data!

There were 82 decklists available for this analysis.  These are not all of the decks that were played at all of the events.  This is a collection of the top decks at each event.  Not every top deck is here, as well (actually, the Greninja deck that won Melbourne doesn’t even have the decklist available.

Alright here is where the fun starts: comparing what little we have of FLI on to the data I accumulated from post-UP:

This is a little unclear, but you can see the comparison between how many cards per deck for post FLI and the previous analysis which was prior to FLI being Standard legal. For example, FLI onward has seen 306 Ultra Ball cards in 79 different decks – an average of 3.87 cards per decklist. The prior analysis I did had 3.94 cards per deckllist, which means that the average number of cards per decklist decreased by an average of 0.06 cards per deck – a 1.65% decrease.
Here is the same data sorted by percent increase / decrease:

Here’s a breakdown of the number of cards played by type: