Talonflame Gardevoir

FrostBiter12 shared a great decklist a couple of weeks ago in his first feature article on Pojo.com, and I have been LOVING it ever since then.  I have played 27 matches with my version of this combo:

I’ve gone 18 W and 9 L with this decklist.  It has definitely proven that Gardy is still somewhat competitive.  I will say that I would guess that FrostBiter’s list is probably better than mine because I only went 2 W 3 L against meta decks, and I know his list had success at the tournament level.

I would never have thought to put Talonflame with Gardevoir, but they make for a great combo.  Gallade and Octillery are the perfect match – we’ve known that for two plus years.  The only unusual card you’ll find in this list is Eneporter.  I know most people have completely bypassed this card, and I have too with the exception of playing it with Gardevoir.  I instantly thought that it would make a great pairing with Gardy.  And it did at times – in many cases I was able to move one of my opponent’s DCE onto the active and add sixty additional damage to my attack.  In those situations, Eneporter is WAY better than E Hammer, which usually is a counter synergistic card with Gardevoir GX.  Eneporter can function similarly to an E Hammer as well, so it really possesses an additional function for Gardy decks.

However, the facts are the facts: even though I went 18 and 9 with this deck overall, I surprisingly only went 8 W 8 L against decks running SPE… meaning I went a whopping 10 W 1 L against decks that didn’t run any SPE.  Since Eneporter primarily functions to help Gardy against SPE matchups and it did a whole lot worse in those matchups, I would definitely recommend against the usage of Eneporter in Gardevoir builds.  I know it seems counter intuitive, it goes directly against what I “think and feel,” but the data is what the data is.

I know what I’ll tech in stead of Eneporters, however: another 1-1 line of Octillery.  I went an astounding 15 W 3 L when I got Octillery into play.  When I failed to bench the Sushi master, I went 3 W 6 L.  I think I’ll also throw in another Choice Band since that had a 67% play rate, more than any other Supporter or Item in the deck.  I think the last card I would sub in is another Kirlia – Kirlia had a 44% play rate, while Rare Candy only had 34%.

So that’s my spin on FrostBiter’s unique creation.  Hope it does as well for you as it did for me.


  1. Harvey I actually tried out FrostBiter’s list as well and out of 6 games I won 4 with them. It’s definitely a strong deck. Sure post rotation will drastically change Gardevoir, but for now it’s really not a bad deck. That hype for Dusk Mane died real hard and basically the worst came to fruition: without Gardevoir’s dominance, Dusk Mane as a deck got outclassed (I suppose you could see it as a balance in the ecosystem of sorts). But yeah it was a good night for Gardy, tho even Gardy had to go through “those” hands at times (the kind that don’t start off with Talonflame and worst still: the Lele starts. Sometimes I think Leles in PTCGO are more sentient than just digital, with their purply-pink selves out on front like “I don’t feel like supporting, I wanna fight! Let me fight like my predecessors before me”. And I’m just looking at her like, “you were suppose to bring me a Brigette. You’re cute, cuddly, but you aren’t Mewtwo who hit for weakness (OP as hell). Come right back, or get sacked”.

    On an unrelated note: I read up on the Yveltal GX review on pojo and I was wondering if you could share your Yveltal EX decklist: one of the decks that Gardevoir faced was an Yveltal/Garb one, and I was reminded of that once more (Gardy won that game: opponent had a bad hand).

    You might want to even make it one of the articles for next week as well! With Yveltal EX being the face of the X and Y era, sending him off one last time to finally retire from standard would be a sweet thing to do: both him and Xerneas EX remained in standard for an astonishing 4 and a half years…that’s some history indeed.

    1. Yep it’s going up Monday morning. Really surprised, Yveltal EX is probably the most competitive Pokemon left from the EX era.

      1. Don’t forget about Volcanion and Mewtwo. Zygarde EX isn’t too bad either, given that he has a lot of tools at his disposal as well. Darkrai EX left his mark in the X and Y era and he still does (so long as you don’t face fighting types). Jolteon EX also has some viability left in him, given that he prevents damage done to him by basics, but of course it’s harder to keep that immunity now that the GX era is about evolution mons as well…then again Jolteon/Glaceon could theoretically work if comboed with Hoopa, due to the fact that if, and a big if…if you face the standard Buzzrock deck, and you have Jolteon, and are able to slap down hammers to restrict your opponent from charging up Lycanroc quick, Buzzwole will not be able to do much. Situational I know.

        Against Ultra Necrozma…Jolteon looks favorable. Lycanroc/Zoroark: Get off a Crystal Ray and they are stuck with Mew and Lele as attackers, but you will be using Ehammemr on them a lot more. Of course this is TheoryMon right now and I do not expect it to work in today’s era.

        But back to Yveltal: Yveltal has always been like a sleeper card in today’s era due to the fact that his Evil ball attack is just more powerful than the usual Aero Ball/X-ball/Energy Drive out there. As you might’ve already seen: at 2 attachments alone, Evil ball already hits a respectable base 60 damage (70 with belt, 90 with band). Take into account DCE and you now have Y-cyclone that hits hard and can salvage energy if played right. And of course you combo this with things like Hoopa or Acerola and you should have a savage deck with a respectable resistance to fighting, which is nice.

        So I thank you for giving his the respect he deserved in his last months in Standard. Sure expanded is its own level of insanity due to dark patch and both Darkrai there, but here he just was left alone to eye on the next generation, witnessing their elevation gradually while he retreated to the darkness….there was a time where the Yveltal with Pitch Black Spear was used too…doing 60 then 60 to one of the EX’s on the opponent’s bench. I wanted that card back on a strong basic in the GX era, but only time will tell.

        On an unrelated note: I think there’s another way to make Drampa/Zygarde work a bit better: Clefairy from Evolutions: Use metronome, copy anything for all colorless, including GX attacks.

        And to wrap up my random thoughts…at first I assumed that maybe Alolan Muk won’t see play next format due to float stones not receiving a reprint, but with things like Magcargo and Zoroark to helps fetch anything (and I do mean anything), and with Sudowoodo left to restrict bench space…it might not be too bad for that card, if a bit clunky.

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