The Abominable Pokedeck!

Courtesy of Featured Writer Juan Macedo

I had an article idea for the fighting type challenge, and I wanted it to be Machamp. But powercreep went in and showed me that now is not the right time for him. His time was before Ultra Prism, now it’s a whole ‘nother ball game. So I looked elsewhere.

Buzzwole was clearly good at completing 2 of the 3 types of challenges for the typing (knockouts and damage of course). But what about evolution? What about budget? Lycanroc/Zoroark was too obvious and more Fox than Wolf, Budget Bewear was looking more and more outclassed (tho Bewear/Carbink did look nice on paper), but then I remembered watching DarkIntegral’s video on Crabominable the other day, which was not only super budget friendly, but also fun, packing a punch. So rather than do the usual article, I’d like to give you guys my short review on a deck that I feel new players would love to try out for themselves, regardless of Daily challenges. And do check out DarkIntegral’s channel as well!

His Crabominable deck showcase:

Now I will say this, when I tried the deck out myself, I chose to swap out the Illima for 1 copy of N and 1 copy of Kukui, due to the fact that I wasn’t too comfortable with the RNG nature of Illima and because N helps when things look more grim than optimistic (and Kukui is there for a bit more power).

Onto the results. While I only played about a handful of games or so with it, after 6 games I lost twice and won 4 in a row! And the last game I lost to came down to the wire…I’ll let you know who I lost to at the end.


Basically, Donald’s build overall was solid, very very solid. With a single attachment, Crabominable was two shotting things left and right, one shotting Zoroarks, and tho rare: a single Kukui boost would be enough to one shot Lele with Diancie, Strong Energy, and Choice Band. A lot to ask, but be it as it may: the deck did its thing, trading blows while coming back for more.

The Lycanroc inclusion is no surprise at all: having him ready to go to drag back up a weakened foe is one of the plays the deck can make without Guzma on hand, and it helps to take out evolving mons too before they become menacing to the deck itself. But even with all that, his role does not end there. Coupled with DCE in the deck, while your Snow Crab deals massive damage to the opponent’s active, you had Rockruff charging in the background. Upon evolving, Lycanroc could do so much more. Simply put it: Choice+Strong+Diancie=180 Damage to the opponent. You’re taking out the mid-tier basic GX’s now.


And those two mons had one more backup attacker, which was none other than Baby Buzzwole. With Sledgehammer’s 4 prize fulfillment, you have yourself a real juggernaut that can retaliate against your opponent taking down one of your partners, as well as getting you closer to winning the game if you already took several prizes beforehand. Furthermore, Buzzwole’s Sledgehammer attack isn’t even horrible at all if you start off with him: at base 30, just slap Strong energy and Diancie down and swing. You will wound beefy mons, and wreck the whippersnappers that can only lie and wait to evolve on up: it’s perfect in every way in this format!

Your draw supporters and item cards are all self-explanatory too. With Orangurus, you avoid N stalls as well as helping to dig through your deck alongside the Ultra Balls and such, and given that this build is similar to the Hoopa/Zoro deck I discussed the other day, the draw engine here is very solid without the Lele, which is why the build runs 4 Lillie, 4 Cynthia, and 2 more draw Supporters in both his deck and my slightly altered version as well. Getting a turn 1 Lillie is very rewarding in all budget decks, as it allows you to have a higher probability of getting down your Nest balls and evolving Basics without the usual Lele/Brigette play seen in the higher tier lists. And for the rest of items in the deck, you have Energy lotto to help fetch out your attachments, order pad to help get the right item for the job, and lastly Super Scoop Up. Being able to deny your opponent a knockout, while retaliating with a fresh attackers, is a good thing. Being able to reuse Bloodthirsty Eyes: even better.


As for the tools and energy counts, you have 2 Choice Bands for your attackers, and a copy of BodyBuilding Dumbells. This tool card is used to help Crabominable survive a bit longer, given that the moment you take even just a slight amount of damage on your crab, he will begin to take recoil damage, which adds up. Sometimes you won’t even have a Scoop Up on hand, so helping to add just a bit more longevity to Crabominable can go a long way. And Float Stones are used to get your mons out of stall tactics by opposing Guzma plays, and for supplementing your Guzma/Bloodthristy eyes play as well. Energy counts are standard for this list too: 4 Strong, 2 normal fighting energy for your attackers, 4 DCE’s for your Lycanrocs and even Orangurus if need be (just don’t attach Strong to Oranguru, or you will be very salty indeed).


Honestly at times I think I’m bad at discussing any deck, but if I had to get to the point: try this build out for yourself. New players will appreciate the power behind the attackers here, and veteran plays might appreciate the refreshing feel of a good rogue deck, because when you play meta for too long, you will probably burn out, especially if you face the same old Malamar, Buzz, and Zoroarks day in and day out. And of course, all credits for this deck go to DarkIntegralGaming: great guy indeed.


Side note: the deck that defeated me last night, was ironically enough another one of Donald’s budget builds. It was a Rotom deck piloted by a player that probably saw his showcase and chose to take it for a testdrive. Wasn’t even mad at the loss: it was a good game.

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  1. Thank you once more for the publication! Side note: if you haven’t checked out Pokebeach, do so. Lots of new cards were revealed, Thunder Mountain Stadium is looking mighty fine, Dialga not only has the same devolving attack as Jirachi, but it also does 60 damage rather than just 10, which means that most stage 1’s and rare candy pokemon will get knocked out by him upon evolving on down. A powerful new attacker for the Metal typing indeed. Virizion GX looks nice, there’s a Plus power for Lighting pokemon, and Zoroark decks got a pseudo-puzzle of time-ish card in the form of Custom Catcher: use 1, draw cards until you have 3, use 2 and you now have a Lysander effect…now granted we probably won’t see these until the winter time, but just something to look forward to in the future. Pokemon has definitely stepped up their game with it comes to product presentation and spoilers.

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