The Hoopa Everyone Has Forgotten

Thanks to Juan for his articles the past two days.  Yesterday, we had a great article featuring the ever popular Shining Legends Hoopa.  Maybe the Forbidden Light Hoopa also comes to mind because it’s so new (and can potentially be a GREAT way to get your hands on two Beast Rings… but more on that NEXT week).  And, of course, we all remember the immensely popular Hoopa EX who was a staple in virtually every deck for the first year and a half that I played this game.  But I’m pretty sure everybody has forgotten about the only other Standard legal Hoopa, our old friend from Steam Siege.

Released on August 3rd, 2016, this set – like every other August set – is inherently branded with a two year expiration date.  I’ve always thought that cards in the August sets really get the raw end of the deal.  They get almost a year’s less life than cards that are released in October or November of the prior year.  I don’t know why Pokemon releases a set a month before rotation; it seems much more logical to me that they would release a set the first Friday after rotation.  I don’t know why they don’t release sets in September, December, March, and June.  This way you wouldn’t have a World Championship final that consisted of two feature Pokemon that hadn’t been Standard legal for any tournament within that entire season.

That aside, STS Hoopa saw a little bit of play when it first came out.  It supplemented decks like Mega Alakazam EX in that it helped put some damage counters on key Pokemon before Mega Al could get evolved and powered up.  However, he quickly got supplanted by promo Tapu Koko who would put twenty damage not just on two Pokemon but on ALL Pokemon in play … and it had free retreat!

Since then, STS Hoopa has been patiently waiting, biding his time for the meta to swing around in his direction… and that time has come.  With so many Psychic weak Pokemon dominating the meta today, a single prize Psychic attacker who can do 130 damage to the opponent’s active Psychic weak Pokemon would be in a prime position to become a fantastic feature attacker and would become the perfect anti meta deck.

But the list of Psychic single prize attackers that do 130 damage is pretty thin.  There’s Ultra Prism Cresselia who does sixty damage plus twenty more for each energy attached to the opponent’s active Pokemon – but that does you little good against the Necrozma twins as one is Fairy weak and the other discards all Psychic energy immediately after it attacks.

And there’s Steam Siege Hoopa.  That’s it.  Those are the only two single prize Psychic attackers to could potentially OHKO Psychic weak active Pokemon.

Therefore, I put four STS Hoopas in a list and decided to go for it and see if I couldn’t make Buzzwole and at least BUS Necrozma GX players cry.

I went 7 W and 8 L with this decklist.  Against any deck not containing a Pokemon that contained Buzz in its name, I went 3 W 8 L.  I lost to Glaceon GX, Tapu Koko GX, Leafeon GX (twice), this deck struggles against any deck that isn’t one of the BDIF’s right now.

Against Buzzwole, I had four easy wins.  EASY.  As in, I really think you could play twenty matches against Buzz and I’m not sure that they would win a single one.  Even if they are playing multiple copies of Baby Buzz, you’re still going to be able to Guzma Big Daddy at some point.

I also had the thought – after losing to MarquisEXB’s Leafeon Golisopod deck – that I would substitute in a couple Escape Ropes for an Altar and an Evosoda.  I’m not sure exactly why I put two Evosoda in this list considering I only have a 1-1 Octillery line.  You definitely want to be able to Portal Strike multiple turns in a row.

That chip damage from Hyperspace Punch though can come in handy.  In one Garchomp match, I was about to touch each Gible for twenty damage… which allowed me to KO both of them when they came up later in the game.  I also was able to Punch a Turtonator GX three times, which meant I KO’d him late in the game.

And many of these non Psychic weak matches were long games.  Some of them were completely uncompetitive, and most of them ended in disappointment, but I did win three without weakness advantage.  Unfortunately, when measured against eight losses, and considering that even combining Buzzwole and Necrozma decks, I’m not going to see enough of them on PTCGO to make this deck worthwhile.  In Madison, this deck might have made top 8.  Online… yeah not so much.

I did include Furfrou partly to pair with my Friday review on, but I also included it because I have been looking at a lot of different Pokemon in consideration of what Pokemon might make for good starters once Brigette rotates.  Furfrou averaged 2 cards a draw and the median was 2 cards as well.  If you’re playing a deck with more Ultra Balls or other insta play cards, that average might go up a little more, but overall I was pretty disappointed in the amount of cards it got me.  Right now, the two main strategies I have for starters in the next rotation are Drampa GX’s Big Wheel and Dunsparce’s (Celestial Storm) Strike and Run.  When compared with those two possibilities, Furfrou comes in a distant third.


  1. Harvey I do appreciate the respects, thank you. As for your list of mons to OHKO psychic weak pokemon in the format, you forgot 1 that can do exceptionally well in this build and even Mike’s Malamar build, at that was the Mewtwo promo we got with the Pressure ability.

    At 120 Hp with access to the benefits of Psychic type support, as well as a respectable 100 base attack, this Mewtwo can do some things against another subcategory of decks: Spread damage decks.

    Pressure might reduce the damage done by just 20, but unlike armor and Fluffy, which protect soley Golisopod and Bewear only, Pressure shields all your mons so long as he’s active. Baby Koko will not even leave a smudge on any of your mons if Mewtwo is left up on the frontlines. Add in assault vests and watch what happens against a Buzzwole that isn’t charged up: even if they have strong energy and DIancie up, Jet Punch and early game Sledgehammer will only do 10 damage to Mewtwo. 10. Jet Punch to the bench? 10 with or without Assault Vest. Latios with Breakthrough? 60 to the active, but against Mewtwo it’s only 40 without Vest, 0 with it on.

    But that’s just me. On a side note: my wish has been granted. Baby Tapu Bulu finally makes his debut this August. That Bulu/Lurantis build will be made possible :3

  2. Ah I completely missed that. I didn’t even know it existed. Yeah it needs Choice Band but that might be even better! Have to try that out.

    1. Mmhm. I would totally look into that Mewtwo. Hoopa’s nice, but I think you could swap a few cards out for the psychic cat. If we still had Wide Lens in standard…ohhhh boy would it be so unfair for so many decks XD

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