This is the best Garchomp I can come up with

Ok so after 31 games and five different versions, this is the best list I can come up with for Garchomp FLI:

I went 5 W 7 L with this list.  Overall, however, I’ve gone a dismal 9 W 22 L with five different variations.  This – by far – is the most successful iteration.  I will say that I definitely have had some bad luck – I’ve had two Gible prized a few times and two Cynthia prized as well.  Other times I’ve had Baby Buzz or Diancie prized (one time I had Diancie and my fourth Strong energy as my last two prizes and would have won had either of them not been my last two prizes).   So maybe I should tech in Gladion, but the list is pretty tight… honestly, I think I’d put in another Counter Catcher (or maybe Counter Energy) before Gladion because you’re always trailing with this deck, every victory is a come from behind, long drawn out win.  And those wins feel good, but most of the time this deck just winds up disappointing in the end.

But that’s to be expected – at this point in the season, the meta is too fast and too overpowered for a Stage 2 Pokemon to be a featured attacker.  After rotation, this deck might actually be more  competitive.  Just about everything it loses – the Strong Energy, N, Evosoda, Skyla – can all be replaced.  The Special Charge is the only card that’s basically irreplaceable, but you won’t need that as much without Strong Energy.  So keep this deck in your back pocket and try pulling it out again after rotation.

Win or lose, at least this is another budget deck!  Wow two in a row that would be a record for me except that there’s another budget list coming in a day or two… and this one is GUARANTEED (or your money back) to beat Buzzwole AND the Necrozma twins!