1. Fun match with the Skunk, always enjoy watching your videos.

    BTW my favorite chess mind game was getting up in the middle game, around move 12, 14, or 15, walking around the table behind my opponent, and looking at the board over his shoulder. People would just turn and look at me over their shoulder and ask, “What are you doing?” And I’d just say, “I’m just looking at the board from your perspective.” And I’d stand there for a minute or two and it actually helped a lot of times to see things from the other side of the board. And sometimes I think it really bugged some people.

    Of course, I also always played 1. d4 when I was white. I don’t know if it’s still the case, but 90% of the players I faced back in the day always started out 1. e4. Some players didn’t even have a response for a queen side pawn opening.

    Glad to see the vid, thanks for making it.

  2. Hi people, I want to write on this blog.!

    I’ve been playing since I was a kid, but recently picked it up again after quitting for some time.
    I have many decks done on tcgo, like Golduck Break with Regis/Other Attackers, or also one with Shedinja from Roaring Skies. I would love to upload these decks so people can see them.
    How should I write on here? I have little experience on blogs.

    1. Welcome to Pokedeck Central Fototaxia! I’m pretty much in the same boat as you in that I’m no blogger myself. However, so long as you have something like Microsoft Word or a document to write in, just compose your article for now and email it to either Mike or Harvey.
      It’s really not that hard to say what you wanna say in your article: just start with copying your decklist from PTCGO and from there write away. If there are screenshots or a picture to correspond with the article, you can attach them to the email you write and that’s it. Simple stuff. If you ever get that urge to write on a deck you’re loving, write away! And thank you for coming to the site!

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