2018 Q3 Q4 Expansion Set Releases

There have been a LOT of sets released in Japan recently, and there are more still coming in the very near future.  The Japanese versions of these sets include:

  • Forbidden Light SM6
  • Dragon Storm SM6a
  • Champion Road SM6b
  • Charisma of the Cracked Sky SM7
  • Thunderclap Spark SM7a
  • Fairy Rise SM7b
  • Explosive Impact SM8
  • Dark Order SM8a

Forbidden Light, obviously, we know when that came out, but what about the rest of these sets?  There are so many of them, I was having trouble keeping them straight, and I didn’t feel like I had clear line of sight to what exactly was coming out when.  Fortunately, with the help of feature writer Juan Macedo, the wise Otaku, and MrBamHam (who was kind enough to share specifics on much of this and presented a very good detailed explanation here), I was mostly able to piece together what Japanese sets are coming out when and in which of our expansions they will be included…  I think!  Please leave a comment if you think I’ve got something wrong.


Celestial Storm: this will include both Champion Road SM6b and Charisma of the Cracked Sky SM7.  Some of the most prominent cards coming out of this set are Acro Bike, Magcargo, Swampert, and Dunsparce.  Many of the cards coming out of this set are exact or very similar reprints of cards from the Neo and EX eras several years ago.

Links to the cards contained in these sets:

Champion Road

Charisma of the Cracked Sky


Dragon Storm: I have also seen this labeled Dragon Majesty, this will include Dragon Storm SM6a, but it will be trainer sets, pins, and tins.  This set features many Dragon and Fire Pokemon and offers a number of interesting Trainer cards as well.

Dragon Storm


I don’t think we’re getting anything major released in October.  I think Dragon Storm in September is comparable to Shining Legends last October.


It’s not clear exactly what our main set in November will include.  It will definitely include Explosive Impact because that is a main set in Japan.  The question is what mini set (or sets) it will also include.  It could pair Thunderclap Spark or Fairy Rise with Explosive Impact.  It might also include both, but that seems unlikely as the set would then contain more than 200 cards and would be the largest set in the history of the game.  However, delaying Thunderclap Spark or Fairy Rise would push one of them to next year AND Japan is getting another miniset (Dark Order) late in the year as well.  So it’s not clear exactly what’s going to happen in November.  There seems to be an extra mini set or two when compared to past years, and we’ll have to keep an eye out for when these sets will get migrated into our meta.

Alright so that’s your timeline for what’s being released over the second half of 2018.  Thanks again to Juan, Otaku, and MrBamHam for straightening me out on this.


  1. I do believe Thunderclap Spark will appear in our November set, tho I must say: that would mean that the Sun and Moon era might be ending sooner than expected, or it will continue on even though the next games coming out are Kanto related so this isn’t a Sun and Moon era so much it’s the GX era for sure. Anyways for those wanting to have a sneak peak at Thunderclap Spark cards: http://www.pokebeach.com/2018/06/all-sm7a-thunderclap-spark-cards-revealed

    Explosive Impact and Thunderclap Spark together makes sense: you introduce Zeraora, Blacephalon (the last of the UB’s to be introduced). So Fairy Rising is probably likely to become our mini set for next year, or even for the Holiday’s: For those interested in Fairy mons, keep your eyes peeled on the final week or two leading up to August 3rd, which is Fairy Rising’s release date in Japan (then again Celestial Storm is coming out so Pre-releases and pack openings are probably what most of you are looking forward to doing).

    On another note we will be getting the Mega Charizard X vs. Mega Blastoise Battle Arena Decks in September 21st. Is it worth it? Well…it somewhat isn’t because most of the cards rotate out. However the thing about these decks is that its a 2 for 1 deal: if you’re casual you could totally purchase this Battle Arena deck and try to have a good game with a friend or relative that has a Battle Arena deck from years past (since who would like to face weakness haha…add Altar of the Sunne to the Mega Charizard deck if it doesn’t include it). Also these Battle Arena decks usually come with foil energy and some staple trainer cards as well, so there’s some value to them too (as did Rayquaza vs Keldeo way back).

    Plenty of sets to looks forward to, plenty of products, it’s a wonderful second half of 2018 to look forward to. And at the very least we aren’t getting bombarded like we did not too long ago when things like Kingdra EX, Mega Tyranitar Ex, and that like got their own box….they shouldn’t have milked the cow to death like that.

    Now on the topic of Kingdra EX…it’s not the most terrible EX printed (that honor goes to Emolga and Magnezone EX), but the attack cost was not cool: if it was just 1 colorless less on Dragon Tail, it might’ve been alright. Now could someone make a budget deck with Magnezone? Yes. Would it be better to just make a Raikou/Tapu Koko deck with Magnezone? Or a Magnezone/Shining Rayquaza deck? Or even a Magnezone/Pikachu deck? Absolutely. Why? Well…Raikou is one prize, Koko has no weakness, great GX attack, and a good switch in ability. Shining Rayquaza is Raw might, OHKO’ing most Basics and stage 1’s in the game with his attack, and lastly: Pikachu EX, while fragile, can get the job done with Mew. Now all these decks aren’t meta, but they certainly outclass Kingdra, and most of the filler product out there by a landslide.

    Lastly, Thundurus GX and Tornadus GX come out in their own box this week: if you’re collecting, pick some up!

  2. Okay, very random I know but the winstreak of Malamar has finally ended…problem is that it supposedly says that it’s a 9 game win streak so now I’m wondering where the second half of wins came from, but nonetheless it was the most successful deck that I ever piloted. What defeated it? Well, Xerneas BREAK. Why? Because Xerneas was base 130, not 120. And because the deck with Malamar runs no fury belt, base damage caps out at 120, with Prismatic Burst only being online after having out Malamar’s, and by then the opponent has gotten off 2 Geomancy before the first prize taken.

    If you have a Malamar List that runs Steam Siege Hoopa…you made the right call my friends. After taking that loss, I realized had I teched in hoopa into the list, it would have hit some magic numbers from early game to the mid game as well: Xerneas is 130 HP, Portal Strike takes them out. Xerneas Break is 150: just Hyperspace Punch, any benched Xerneas on the opening turn, then once your board is set up, proceed to load him up and Portal Strike.

    Now adding Fury Belt to Dawn wings is probably the better option over teching Hoopa, but Float stones are there for retreat purposes instead of hitting a magic number. However, a list is a list so you are more than welcomed to tech a copy or two to the deck if you run into the mess that I did. Furthermore, if you add Fury Belt AND Hoopa together, you are now able to bypass Scoundrel Guard Hoopa’s base 120 HP after applying resistance, so there’s some food for thought for PTCGO players (given that the meta in real life involves three top decks, and in many builds a Giratina tech to counter Greninja BREAK decks…which is funny how potent a deck truly is that they would actually consider that tech no matter how odd it is to play WITH Greninja at times).

    So yeah: give Steam Siege Hoopa the love it deserves. Sure would have saved my hide. And honestly: hyperspace punch is a good opening attack against other decks as well. hitting 20 on the right mons opens them up to getting OHKO’ed in the future: Smack a 60-70 HP Rockruff and Necrozma will knock out Lycanroc later on. Hyperspace punch two Zorua before falling, now Zoroarks aren’t safe either (tho they play Acerola so idk).

    That’s it for my update to the Malamar deck: just take my word with a grain of salt.

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