1. Kudos to your first video Harvey! I think you did your best to go over Celestial Storm and the interesting cards to come from it, but some cards aren’t so good on paper, specifically the Turtonator you mentioned during the last half of the video: if you load up that mon with energy turn 1, and his HP isn’t high enough, you’re asking to get one shotted by Lele, and 2 shotted by baby buzz after modifiers. Meaning that Turtonator might not last long to take out more than 1 major threat. There are other basic dragons you can turn to for heavy damage onto an opponent, and the ones that will make a potential appearance in Dragon Majesty are as followed (combo’ed with Altaria of course): Drampa for energy acceleration, Zygarde (this one will remind you very much of the one you did a deck on), Kyurem (as long as it isn’t OHKO’ed, using him alongside altaria means high damage output), and even White Kyurem GX has some promise. These dragons are more stronger than the Turtonator card, and they do their job for less investment. Now can Turtonator combo with the Firestarter Blaziken and Zinnia? Absolutely. That there is a combo. But it’s best to do it with a Blaziken GX deck.

    Delcatty is a card that I don’t think will see play in most decks due to the fact that it takes up bench space, you only do it on evolving and we’ve seen this on evolve ability in many mons (even Herdier from our Sun and Moon base set saw no play, and that mon could get you any item card from the discard pile….who says you could use Puzzles of Time just twice. But it still saw no play. Delcatty is great, I like what it does…but deck space has to be used wisely. I’d stick with Pal pad or Lusamine, or use a cheeky play with Super Scoop Up to potentially reuse lele again. But we’ll have to see.

    Dunspare at 4 to replace Brigette should be considered in these Zoroark decks: just makes the most sense to me, and perhaps in many other decks as well.

    Shiftry is indeed tricky…but upon getting up and running, it’s really not bad at all. I do admit it won’t see much play either (given that Ehammers can hinder and whatnot), and then Reshiram GX….Kiawe turn 1 onto him, following turn grab a Professor’s letter or Oricorio with the ability to grab more energy (or even use Lady to grab 4 more fire energy out the deck), and proceed to GX, accelerate onto a Ho-oh, and BAM: you now have two GX slaying attackers. Shiftry’s certainly better than Tsareena GX that’s for sure.

    Other than that, expect most promising cards to drop out of favor, cuz that’s what hype does (case in point: Dusk Mane, Lefeon, Glaceon, Alolan Golem GX, etc). In the Budget side of things…Swampert, Ludicolo, and Sceptile look fresh, but Sceptile isn’t going to be too strong (not really much energy acceleration around for Grass, and Lurantis GX is an evolution so that conflicts with the deck further).

    But that’s just me. Again, great job on your analysis: I’m sure you’ll get better at this Youtube adventure as well. Pretty much get more comfy and confident in what you wanna say. I can see you got some inspiration from Omnipoke and Rare candy in doing the slideshow too: you’re off to a good start if I do say so myself. Just enjoy doing these sort of things and you’ll never feel like its a chore at all. Good luck!

    Also cute dog :3

  2. Thanks Juan. Appreciate your watching and your insight.

    Turtonator – all I’m saying is that there’s some potential there. And yes lots of other Fire Pokemon too. Grass and Metal decks will have to run Weakness Policy / Frying Pan and hope that Fire skips the Leaf Blowers.

    Delcatty you’re going to use later in the game when you frequently have more deck space. Look at it this way: if you don’t have deck space towards the end of the game, chances are you’re not going to need Delcatty anyways.

    I like Dunsparce a lot – it’s a proven commodity, but how often will you be able to get it in the active turn 1 going second? Do you really want to strike and run on turn 2, even if you are going first? We’re just going to have to test and figure out the right formulas. And there will be plenty of variability.

    Saying that Shiftry is better than Tsareena GX is like saying that eating peas is better than eating Brussel Sprouts.

  3. No prob! And well we’ve all felt some sort of way about cards that have potential (shoot, I still wonder if Entei/Infernape can rise some somehow), but after spending a good time around Standard and the game overall, I get that most cards just won’t cut it. For example, just now I had an epiphany: Shining Ho-oh/Kiawe alongside Pyroar Break and Exp shares: Ho-oh smacks things up, and upon going down the energy splits onto your next attackers. Theoretically it’s quite a fun concept. In actuality: you would absolutely need to run Nest balls to get down mons, have the Kiawe somewhow, and still have a draw for next turn…maybe Max Elixirs and Volcanion instead, but as long as Parallel city hurts, it hurts.

    Shiftry post rotation is going to be iffy, but for it’s legality in our standard: Copycat and judge fulfill the requirement of his attack at the drop of a hat. He is a monster upon getting up and alongside Zoroark, you just wreck.

    Now Dunsparce is tricky. Like with Talonflame, you’ll want to start off with him up front as much as you can, you might even need to run switch cards to help get him going. But this setback will not stop people from testing him out, especially when I’ve heard him being played in many decks of formats past. And if this guy doesn’t work, then we’ll stick with Fan Club/Alolan Vulpix for our fix, especially since Vulpix does her thing for zero energy (hard to believe we’ll be remembering Alolan Vulpix as a meta defining card upon her rotation later down the line).

    Delcatty I’m just not convinced. Going into this format, Zoroark and (to a lesser extent) Swampert both skim through their respective decks at a heavy pace, increasing the odds of getting all that they need and more. Deep into the end of a game, where the deck has just a few cards left, Pal Pad effectively ups the chance of fetching things to seal the deal. Then Acro Bike, Magcargo/Ludicolo, Sableye, and eventually Zebstrika all shred through the deck to get the cards needed altogether. Delcatty will have a home, but not in many homes. Not when we’ve all gotten used to this format already. And I gotta be honest: I myself was concerned with last year’s rotation because we lost so much consistency cards and Lele became mandatory. But after seeing how the game continued forward, how players adapted to the end of VS seeker, to the threat that was Trashvalanche, and to the consistency problems and ratios…..I’m fine if that item never sees the light of day for years to come. I’ve been around to see top players go over that hurdle. And in this rotation, where we lose so much more, the hurdle will be walked over once more….just be thankful this card didn’t become a GX version of the EX Crystal Guardians Delcatty….it was like Feraligatr levels of yikes.

    Cards that should have gone into more discussion: Scizor GX (that one is no scrub tier GX, and with Scyther’s attack you can guarantee a smoother setup going for you to take advantage of things like Solgaleo prism to accelerate as well).

    Regirock: (pre-rotation: this monstrosity’s Enhanced Stomp attack can devastate Hoopa’s, Zoruas, and weak basics on the very first turn that it can attack if you have Diancie or Strong Energy. With Strong Energy, Diancie, and Choice Band….Zoroark GX falls. This is a 1 energy attacker people should not sleep on, because when push comes to shove, this is a non-EX version of Zygarde EX, that can deliver almost as much as Baby Buzz. Yes it is outclassed by Lisia’s ability to get off a monstrous Buzzwole/Beast energy/Diancie play, but Regirock is no scrub tier shoebox card. I would try it sometime.

    Celesteela/Kartana: Kartana, in conjunction with the right tools and Stakataka, Kamikaze pre-rotation can potentially scoop up some prizes during the early game. 60 Hp? Welp, he’s dishing out massive damage before your Naganadels start fighting. And Celesteela…does not matter if you are a Naganadel player, or a Dusk Mane/Necrozma player: 160 without any damage modifiers is amazing. The potential to do this for just 1 attachment….my god. So how can a Naganadel accomplish such a thing: Stinger GX. Now you and your opponent have 6 prizes left combined: Celesteela is going to take someone’s head, and Stakataka will make sure you don’t OHKO anything you have easy.

    Registeel: Anti-hoopa AND Gardy Slayer for the future. A solid non-GX steel type.

    Manectric: to potentially accelerate for the electric typing….4 of in a deck, especially if you need Koko or Raichu running.. Just roll the die: you got nothing to lose post rotation.

    Lastly: Electrode GX….I heard that this did well in Japan alongside Xerneas Break. Pre-rotation: interesting. Raikou/Koko? Well, why not. Get the Counter cards and fiddle around. Post Rotation……………………..I got nothing, besides Koko.

    Just gotta wait and see!

  4. Shiftry’s problem is the same as Yanmega Break’s. You can play Copycat and Judge, but then you can’t use any of the cards you just put in your hand. Granted, we still have Wishiwashi SUM with its Cowardice ability, but I still think that this is just another Stage 2 GX that will win sometimes but just won’t cut it against the top tier decks. Plus…
    Weakness to Fire is going to be HUGE post Dragon Majesty. For Grass decks, they will be virtually unplayable. For Metal decks, they at least stand a chance because – in addition to Frying Pan – they also benefit from Altar of the Sunne. However, if Fire decks run three or four Leaf Blowers, chances are Metal and Grass decks are toast (yeah bad pun).
    Regirock – for bombing around the ladder it’s ok but for serious play, do you really think it’s better than Buzzwole or Zygarde GX … or even for that matter my Zygarde 72 build? You’re playing at best the third best deck in your typing if you’re playing Reigrock GX… and without Elixirs and Strong energy after September 1st.
    Manectric – if there were a decent Lightning deck to pair it with, I would have spoken to it. Unfortunately, Lightning is weak to Fighting which makes it pretty much unplayable. I thought about including it in Rayquaza, but again that’s a space on the bench that would be better with a Vikavolt or Venusaur sitting in it.
    And you are absolutely spot on with your last line “Just gotta wait and see!” Yes, this is all theorymon and I could be completely wrong. After all, I did think that GRI Sableye was going to be an immensely disruptive card.

  5. For Shiftry, his time under the sun must be the last few weeks before rotation (hence my wording on “Legality in our Standard” format). Post rotation, I agree: this will not see play with Fire and due to the loss of Special Charge and Puzzles as well. But right now…from the moment he comes out the gates, Shiftry players have one chance to give this card glory and shine. Zoroark’s trade ability helps draw into anything you need, so for the Shiftry player you have got to play smart, get the cards you need, and then proceed to either dump away the cards to match your opponent’s hand, or judge/copycat. And given that Zoroark is an attacker himself, he can deliver as well. Basically, Shiftry is a deck that requires more thought. This is not some Garchomp deck that locks you into a single supporter: this is a pokemon that offers more flexibility in terms of what supporter you want to use, but that requires careful use of your resources. If you got Guzma and know that you can knock out a GX on the bench, and you gotta match up to that players hand, you do what you gotta do.

    Remember: we got Marshadow with the ability to make both players shuffle/draw 4, so that scenario in my statement above gets fulfilled with a single ultra ball play, or to even have it on hand. Gotta look at other means to get things rolling for some deck. So to sum up: Shiftry needs to shine pre-rotation, because post rotation looks grim for it.

    I do admit the Manectric’s weakness is a huge conundrum, but what can ya do. If you’re competitive, don’t play Lightning. Just don’t. Unless you combo with a card that nullifies the weakness, you’re gunna get crushed. I admit that. But this, Zeraora, Thunder Mountain Stadium, etc….Lightning is getting so much, and I want to see how far it can go. If nothing else, good for online.

    As for Regirock, I’ll say this: it’s an option. It’s a card with a solid attack for cheap that will find more play if given time. We’re entering a format where you do not have Max Elixir, where strong, single energy attacks are going to be decisive, where strategy and consistent plays to set up acceleration will be among the few decks making it to the next format. Either you hit hard with a single energy, or you fight tooth and nail to get up an engine to get attackers up and running no matter what. Anything else that isn’t among these two strategies will have a miserable time. Lucario GX, Golisopod GX, Zoroark GX fall in the former category of single energy attackers, Malamar, Rayquaza, Gardy, Bulu, Dragonite, and Dusk Mane/Magnezone fall on the latter. Buzzwole and Ho-Oh/Reshiram fall in a hybrid category since the former smacks hard for one attachment and then follows up with Beast ring plays, and the latter goes turn 1 Kiawe, then accelerate out of nowhere with the GX attack.

    Just gotta find cards that aim to help a deck in whatever way possible. Regirock I consider to have potential, but I won’t put him on a pedestal. Even so, I give him praise for what it can do for less, and for being a non-GX too.

    Ah! Tapu Bulu promo. Bulu/Lurantis is looking like a fun theorymon deck for me. As for that weakness to fire…perhaps that Cherrim with the ability to eliminate weakness might come in handy. I have optimism for this card as well. Honestly I would look at him sometime for certain, just for the fun of it.

    Side note: Fairy pokemon are getting tools to grant them immunity to fighting, psychic, or dragon types….that is quite nasty if I do say so myself.

  6. One other thing: can we all agree that Nihilego GX is gunna get better upon N’s rotation? In Nihilego’s case, you just took two more cards out of your opponent’s deck, and he can’t N to get mileage off of the extra prize cards. Sure Dawn Wing’s GX attack is better, but hey: it’s an option.

    1. Worth trying if you want that to be the GX move of choice. Most people are going with Moon’s Eclipse, and I have used Sky Scorching Light late a couple of times to take out two sixty HP Basics on the bench to close out the game. But the Confusion could be good, and in the build I’m featuring in my article tomorrow, the extra ten damage from the Poison could be crucial. A lot of times with Ultra Necrozma GX I hit for 180 when I need to hit for 190.

      1. I see, well you do have other options to hit above 180 in the form of unit energies, beast energy, and Fury Belts (unit energy seems pretty appealing to me given that unlike a plain old metal energy, it won’t be a dead card if attached to something like a Dawn Wings if the situation calls for it.

        But I do admit that Nihilego’s GX attack might not be so appealing to most players…tho Lock Up could be decisive post rotation when Float Stone leaves the format. Sure: Acerola/Guzma plays will go down, Dawn Wing matchups obviously look terrible for this jelly fish…still, it is what it is. That and the new Giratina revealed is shaping up to be very powerful indeed. It hits real hard for what it can do, and being able to place a damage counter upon entering the field, it helps with numbers for sure.

        Side note: even before getting to the Lucario EX on the ladder, I actually pulled him from the first pack of Furious Fists on that ladder….wasn’t even a full art. What a laugh XD

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