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Hello readers, just a short post today as I’ve been busy with work, parish festival, and other things, but I think I’d just like to share my experience playing Friday night and yesterday.

Friday night was a rough night – I lost eight straight matches and just couldn’t get anything to go my way.  Every coin flip was tails, every card I needed was prized, every top deck was something that wouldn’t be what I desperately needed.  There are days like that – it’s just part of the game.  At NAIC last year at Indy, I lost my first four matches, and my fifth round was a no show.  Then I won my next three matches after that.  At Collinsville earlier this year, I had a draw round won and then won four straight games… only to go 0 W 6 L in my next three matches.

For whatever reason, this game can be very streaky.  Saturday I was able to sneak in some time to play, and I went on a thirteen game win streak:

Granted, a lot of those were against mediocre decks or good decks that stumble.  The streak was broken by a Sylveon Gardevoir deck (they actually played Judge which is a REALLY good idea since Sylveon can just Magical Ribbon and go get you whatever three cards you want… but I digress), and I also lost a close one to Buzzwole subsequent to that streak.

But just let this serve as a reminder not to get too high and not to get too low.  Sometimes you’re going to lose – it’s like I tell the boys on the soccer team I coach – when you lose, you learn more than when you win.  That was a phrase that was commonly tossed around in the late 80’s and early 90’s regarding Michael Jordan – he had to learn how to win by losing.  I don’t know if that’s 100% accurate, but I know you learn more from your losses than your wins.

So the next time you go on an eight game losing streak, just remember that a thirteen game winning streak might be just around the corner.


  1. Well I’m here to make more of an announcement than a comment: Lost Thunder, our November set, will potentially be combining Fairy Rising, Explosive Impact, and Thunderclap Spark. Over 210 cards, among them being 7 prism star cards, 13 GX’s, and 3 Ultra Beasts. So to players potentially looking to spend tokens for Celestial Storm….you might want to hold off on going all in if you have a good amount saved. This next set will probably require every token at your disposal to even have a chance at all of those goodies to come.

    Granted, Celestial Storm has staples that you need, as well as GX’s that are appealing as can be (non-GX’s too). So what’s one way for newer players to save themselves a bit while getting a good jumpstart at the game (as well as the post rotation)? Theme decks.

    Hydro Fury has a 3-2-2 line of the Swampert with the power draw ability, which in theme deck format will be unbelievably strong. You get a copy of Apricorn Maker, 2 Delcatty (theme deck hype), a copy of Magcargo (awesome partner with the ace of the deck), 1 of’s of Lillie, The Masked Royal, Escape Rope, Switch, Copycat, and Tate and Liz. Incredibly solid.

    And Leaf Charge is far from lacking at all. 3-2-2 line of the Sceptile with the single attachment Powerful Storm attack, which against Swampert will devastate it if given the chance. A 3-2 line of Manectric, which if you start off with him you are already in a favorable position to win it all, 2 Copycats, 2 Lanterns to preserve energy, 2 Nest balls (which alongside the Swampert yields you a playset there), and the 1 of’s in Sceptile’s deck are amazing. You get an Oranguru, an exp share, Lillie and Switch as well, Lady (which comboes well with Manectric, and the biggest one in a theme deck format: Guzma. You get a Guzma in this deck. And one more thing: you also get a copy of Dunsparce in both decks, so basically…if you’re new to Pokemon TCG Online, you are already off to a fantastic start with these decks. The grind will be real, but these are juggernauts if I do say so myself.

    Back to Celestial Storm: if you can afford to, stockpile on your tokens. Now I can’t decide for anyone out there, especially when the hype is through the roof, but I would be mindful of your expenditures from here on out. Dragon Majesty is next and then it’s Lost Thunder. If you’re opening packs, pray you pull what you need. If you’re trading, pray that prices go down and trade wisely.

  2. Thanks for the update Juan. Yeah, it looked like a massive set was on the horizon. This will be the biggest set ever. To me, it makes more sense to release them as two smaller sets, one in November and the second in December, but what do I know.
    I do know that the maximum number of tokens you can have on PTCGO is 25,000. I had about 21K for Forbidden Light and it kept giving me warning messages to spend my tokens after I got past 20K.
    That’s not an unreasonable number of tokens, you can probably earn 8,000 to 10,000 a month if you play every night and grind through it. MarquisEXB’s strategy of buying Pikachu Avatar packs and trying to trade those can potentially work as well. And you can buy code cards on Ebay or as well, the ones on are instantly available for use (but more expensive).
    But either way, the Standard meta is going to be swollen with cards after a miniset in September and then a big honking two hundred card set in November.

    1. You have a point, but sometimes the grind isn’t felt at the time. Just depends on the feel of it all (and luck of course).

      I must ask tho: has PTCGO been lagging during matches when it’s your turn? It’s been that way for me since the update and it’s very irksome.

  3. Guys, I need an email so I can send the article I wrote. I can’t find any way to message you 🙁

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