The Reign of Rayquaza Begins August 3rd!

So take a good look at it: this is your next BDIF.

When I first read this card, I thought the attack said “this Pokemon,” but it clearly reads “your Pokemon.”  Meaning ALL your Pokemon.

Zoinks!  Ruh roh Shaggy!

There is no question in my mind that this is going to be one of the best decks in the format at worlds.  With Max Elixirs, Order Pads, and Puzzles, this deck will abuse those cards even more than Buzzwole did.  It’s going to be a rush to see who can throw down the most energy the fastest.  That’s going to determine which Rayquaza deck wins worlds.

But let’s face it: 99% of us aren’t going to worlds.  The reddit I follow has 20K+ subscribers.  I know that there are thousands of – maybe ten thousand – people on PTCGO every night.  How many worlds invites are there going to be?  A couple hundred?

And don’t get me wrong – those of you who have earned it: I am jealous and live vicariously through you.  I wrote on Pojo that I hope to someday have a Champions Festival card.  If you read my writing on a regular basis, you may have noticed that I almost never use the word special – but I definitely used it in that review.

So don’t get me wrong, those of you who will be competing IRL in late August in this wacky crazy meta that is going to be all over the place, especially since Dragons Majesty comes out a week after rotation!  Those PTCGO programmers are going to be busy!  I am extremely envious and hope to someday be able to compete at the level you are.

But for now – I’m ready to move on.  I’m ready to start living in a post Dragons Majesty meta.  So I started to come up with a potential decklist for Rayquaza… and then I realized there were really four different archetypes for this monster:

Again, this list doesn’t include Elixirs or Puzzles or any other card that’s going to rotate out.  My draw support engine is based on Tempest GX.  I think the Cynthia Hala combo will give GREAT draw support throughout the game – it works great for my Zygarde FLI Drampa GX deck.

So clearly this is TOTAL theorymon – I have NO idea whether or not these lists will actually work.  And there are definitely some very experimental ideas here:

  • Beast Ring / Pheromosa / Xurkitree: I don’t know if this is a good idea or not, but I’m going to try it early on.  If it doesn’t work, that’s six card slots you can easily free up.
  • Ribombee: Might only be best in Magnezone.  Might be a cut in the other lists.
  • Dragonair: I think this is the least likely to succeed.  If it didn’t work with Darkrai EX when it had Double Dragon energy, why would I think it will work now?  I don’t know, but I want to give it a shot.

These are decklists based on September 1st rotation… but Dragon Majesty comes out on the 7th of September and, as you might expect, is LOADED with Dragon support:

  • Zinnia is definitely a four of in all of these builds.  It allows you to attach two Basic energy cards to a Dragon Pokemon if one of your Pokemon was KO’d in the prior turn.
  • Drampa – might be a one of, has a single attachment attack that allows you to attach an energy from your discard to a Dragon Pokemon.  Not as good as Latias though.
  • Flygon – Magearna EX for Dragons – probably not enough room as it’s a Stage 2
  • Altaria – twenty damage boost?  Just add more energy.
  • Dragon’s Talon – Baton is probably better.
  • Lance Prism – maybe – if you had a Pokemon KO’d in the prior turn, put any two Dragon Pokemon on your bench.  Great for evolution Dragons but probably not best for this deck.

So these are my ideas, at least there are some decklists and ideas out there for this ridiculously overpowered Pokemon.




  1. I just read up on the list of cards in the Celestial Storm set we’re getting real soon…gotta say: not getting the Firestarter Blaziken or Altaria GX was a bummer, but I’ll live (at least until September for Dragon Majesty).

    Some really shocking inclusions tho: Alolan Raticate GX doesn’t look terrible at all in my eyes, Palossand GX….ehhh I’ll pass. Yet another Heatran card, but with a pretty cool energy acceleration attack. Outclassed by Solgaleo, but still. Speaking of Solgaleo: new stage 2 version of him. Now it’s not as good as the Guardian’s Rising one, but it has no weakness so a 1 of if fire begins to see a rise in prominence (tho post rotation Ho-Oh/Salazzle will be the top fire deck in my eyes).

    We are getting another Lunala card, but the shaft is real: it’s inferior to Solgaleo, and even the ability is bad (instead of no weakness, only a 20 damage reducing ability…Zoroark makes her cry). Again, why does Pokemon hate Lunala so much…I was fine with Dawn Wings’ rise in power, but I had fun with Lunala GX (what an awesome mon that was. Will I ever touch that card again…probably in the future. Now is not her time.

    As for Rayquaza…I feel the hype, but there are threats to look out for: Xerneas Break (self explanatory there), Sylveon GX and EX (self explanatory for the GX, as for the Ex: slap DCE, Choice Band, and you OHKO Rayquayquay: click on this link to have a good laugh:, Gardevoir (unlikely to face in worlds, but threat nonetheless). Unlikely threats to keep in mind due to their unpredictability at worlds: Dedenne (In a Counter Deck, this with Koko and Band guarantees an OHKO on Rayquaza).

    And for the final hard counter to this majestic card: Tapu Lele. The fairy one with Magical Swap. Unlike Dedenne, she’ll be found in a spread deck easy, and running Counter energy means that Rayquazas drop like flies on her watch.

    And weakness isn’t even the only threat to it going into worlds: Rayquaza will have to fight against the top dogs to secure a spot at the finals, and who’s to say his might alone will be enough. I just can’t see him taking the crown. But hey: I wanna see some fresh things go down, lets have pokemon like Naganadel and Lapras rise on up.

    One final note: Vikavolt. Don’t forget about Latias and Latios Prism Star: they’re in the set too.

  2. Yes Blaziken and Altaria first week of September… CrAzY! Rotation and then another set right away.

    Great cards coming for Fire and Dragon, no doubt in my mind there will be five GREAT archetypes post rotation: Buzz, Squids, Rayquaza, Zoroark fill in the blank, and a nebulous Fire deck that I haven’t quite been able to visualize yet but am sure it will be VERY good… have you seen Blaine’s Explosive Battle? Most broken draw support card EVER!

    1. That Draw Supporter would have been awesome if it came out in Celestial Storm (DELPHOX Harvey!!!! I would have liked that). And no need to visualize that best fire deck, because Ho-Oh/Kiawe is never a bad turn 1 play: he will find dominance some way, somehow.

      As for the current ladder….I wanna see who’s going to really grind the ladder this time around, cuz honestly: I’m only in it for the tokens. Furious Fists….it is really painful to come to terms with the fact that the only card legal for standard in the post rotation will be Super Scoop Up. If you get your reverse holos, yay! Any Buzzwole/Lycanroc players also have a shot at reverse holo Strong energy pulls too…so why not: have a go (plus Korrina the best Fighting supporter ever: pick her up).

      And same here; I’m not messing with expanded: it’s waaaay more cancerous for my liking.

      On a more lighter note: Valencia: Stephane Ivanoff won back to back, BuzzRoc did better here, Zygarde GX topped, and Gallade Octillery topped as well!! You gotta check out the results at Limitless :3

      1. Surprisingly enough, Gallade under the right conditions hits like a Bonafide GX. You really need to see that list in particular.

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