Ultra Necrozma GX … POST ROTATION

I’ve been working on a post rotation build of Ultra Necrozma GX, and it’s actually not bad.  I will say this: the two games I’ve lost, I got steamrolled by Buzzwole and a Garchomp deck beat me because I was horribly slow setting up (partly do to a boneheaded misplay on my part).  I’m not horribly concerned with these two losses – Buzz is the best deck in the format… until Rayquaza gets here.  Garchomp only had to KO three of my Pokemon, I had to get six of his… that’s just an inherent limitation.  Still, I’d take another matchup against Garchomp and see what happens in round 2.

Now, I am not using ANY cards from before Sun and Moon – this is a 100% post rotation build.  Moreover, you can test this yourself right now because I’m not using any Celestial Storm cards either!

I’m using the Drampa / Cynthia / Hala build that I’ve employed quite a bit recently.  It works GREAT for Beast Rings as well – there have actually been a couple of games where I’ve been able to use ALL FOUR OF MY BEAST RINGS.  How many people can say that?  Most Beast Ring builds are happy if they get to use two.

There is some counter synergy in this build – Malamar wants energy in the discard while the Rings want energy in the deck.  Therefore, you have to use some judgment early on.  If you’re up against a fast aggressive deck that will probably KO your Drampa right after he plays Big Wheel, you want to get your Dragons and Dawn Wings down fast.  Otherwise, you want to get Inkays on the bench so you can recycle those discarded energy back into the game.

But turn 1 (going second – I always choose to have the option of attacking turn 1) Big Wheel is the ideal.  If you get a Big Wheel off early, get some Inkays and Dragons on the bench, you should be at least competitive with most decks out there… even though they’re using a LOT of cards you don’t have access to.