Day 1 Worlds Update

Day 1 at the Pokemon Trading Card Game World Championship!  I watched (well listened to mostly) the whole stream, and here’s a quick run down of what happened:

  • Round 1: Gardevoir Sylveon vs. Rayquaza.  This is a no brainer, right?  Especially after the Gardy deck wins the first game.  Unfortunately, it bricked hard in games two and three and Rayquaza is unbelievably fast.  This set was over so quickly that they switched to the other match, which was a Zoroark GX mirror match that ended in a draw.
  • Round 2: The new Buzzwole GX Magcargo build vs. Zoroark GX Garbodor.  Zoroark GX actually had a fairly easy 2 – 0 victory, with Latios really cleaning up big in the second match.
  • Round 3: Omnipoke piloting Buzzwole GX vs. a unique Rayquaza build that contained 3 Let Loose Marshadow, Champions Festival, and a Jynx.  Champions Festival might actually be a decent counter to Shrine of Punishment (which you’ll see more of shortly).  Buzz made short work of the Rayquaza deck, however.
  • Round 4: I know I exaggerate a lot, but I think we can all agree that this was the weirdest single round ever streamed in the history of the Pokemon TCG.  The first game was a match between the Baby Buzz GRI Garbodor Shrines deck that did well at the ARG tournament a couple weeks ago and a Buluvolt deck.  The Bulu player lost the first game, and the second game was interrupted by the judges.  Apparently, the Bulu player was running two FFB’s in his deck… but forgot to include them in his official decklist.  The judges ruled a game loss, and the stream switched over to another match between two Zoroark GX decks.  In this match, one of the Zoroark GX players received a game loss penalty for failing to sufficiently randomize his deck, and since he had lost the first game, this also resulted in a match loss.  I think it’s pretty safe to say that this is the first time two match loss penalties were recorded on stream in the same round!
  • Round 5: Gardevark vs. Baby Buzzwole Garbodor – Buzz Garb ended up winning this one.
  • Round 6: Started with a Buzz Garb mirror and then switched to BuzzRoc vs. ZoroRoc.  This second match was probably the best match of the day on stream.  It was a really good, really close match that was won on the very last turn!  If you only watch one match all day, watch this one.  It starts at the 8 hr 2 min mark of the long video and then continues with the short 22 minute video next to it on twitch at PokemonTCG.

So overall lots of Fighting, lots of Baby Buzz, like I said Shrines are making an impact.  Looking forward to seeing what happens on day two.  In case you don’t know, day 2 will have almost all of the matches from the rest of the tournament, with only the championship game being held back to be played on Sunday.  I don’t know if I’ll have a chance to break down day two tomorrow, but I will probably post a tournament summary for Monday morning.