Dignified Fighters – is this deck for real?

If you checked out Monday’s article from our new feature writer Fototaxia, you might have had the same reaction I did: are you kidding me? Dedenne? Pancham? Heatmor?  Cacnea?  Do you really expect me to believe that these pipsqueak Pokemon can actually take down Rayquaza, Ultra Necrozma, and the mighty Buzzwole?

See for yourself right here:

I’m going to go try this deck in a tournament!

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  1. Honestly, Fototaxia demolished you. Just a combination of bad luck and one prize mons made for the most vicious beatdown I’ve seen, and Empoleon wasn’t even the star of the deck. If anything, the variety of mons, in conjunction with Shrine of Punishment, Tapu Koko’s Flying Flip, and the weakness damage just meant that anything you faced, the deck could answer the call of duty. Just wish I had that luck last night tho (I was playing Yveltal Break with shrine and whatnot…rotten luck in all but 1 game. Last night was terrible on me).

    Anyways the build doesn’t have to be obsolete post rotation. If you have Deoxys as Mewtwo’s successor, Dedenne and Koko as the duo for all things Rayquaza, on top of Counter energy and many, many other good, splashable attackers out there, then this toolbox deck of Empoleon can go on to evolve into a Counter Tool Box build that can put in all the work in the world. So kudos to Fototaxia for piloting the deck!

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